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Which Is the Best Type of Window Capping?

Which Is the Best Type of Window Capping?

June 17, 2021

When we think of window capping or garage door capping, the first material that comes to mind is aluminum capping to do the job. But let’s remember a few things about capping windows and garages. The material will affect the appearance, and capping trim is available in many different substances for decorative features in your home. By far, aluminum is the most popular, but other materials work just as well, and they add to the aesthetic value of your home. Vinyl, fibre cement cedar, and preserved treated wood trim can add to the lustre of your windows and garage doors that signals panache and style. One thing to keep in mind, when selecting a material to seal your garage door or windows, make sure that the material blends with your home’s décor; otherwise, it will look off, and there is nothing you can do about it.

Sizing And Style Matter

Trim, like anything, can be anything you want it to be. From the plain to the decorative, in different sizes and finishes, trim is in the eye of the beholder. If you’re going to add an air of multi-dimensional look to trim, it can be layered/built up to give your exterior a different look. When adding window trim, you need to be conscious that you don’t want the trim to take away from the window. Look for trim that will highlight the window while being large enough to fill the frame without being ostentatious. When adding trim to many windows in a home with different sized windows, select a trim that will accommodate all window sizes for best results. When you face the problem of how to trim a large window, it is suggested that you choose one size of trim for cohesion purposes to keep the symmetrical look of the trim intact.

Window Capping Materials

  • Aluminum
  • Vinyl
  • Cedar
  • Fibre Cement
  • Preservative-Treated Wood Trim

Aluminum Vs. Vinyl

When you attempt to decide which material works best for your trim needs, it comes down to aluminum or vinyl as the default choice for most homeowners. Each material confers benefits for a homeowner and can be tailored to the needs of the home. When we look at vinyl and aluminum, both offer a low-maintenance regime that plays well when the upkeep of your home comes with a cost. Both materials will protect your home from invasive water and its cousin moisture from seeping in. Aluminum has a sharp edge to it and a clean look, while decorative features are what drive your choices. Aluminum comes in many different finishes like flat, semi-gloss or high-gloss that add the pizzazz factor to the outside of your home. When we assess vinyl, it can resemble wood and can be installed right over old wood trim. Both options will protect your home and add a sense of style that has been lacking without new trim.

What Makes Aluminum the Best Choice?

Certainly, vinyl holds plenty of charm and provides many benefits, but you can’t go wrong with aluminum for your capping needs. It looks great and is a great choice to finish your home with the type of material that will leave your neighbours in awe of the upgrade to your home. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose aluminum capping over other materials.

  • Protection of what is underneath the capping. Wood is the primary frame around windows, and without a protective layer of coverage, wood will rot and degrade.
  • Curb appeal will be enhanced. As a result of the new aluminum capping, and add many benefits to your financial bottom line.
  • Resale value will soar when you install capping – it works hand in hand with curb appeal, and when selling a home, the first impression is the first glance so that you won’t put your home’s best foot forward.
  • Capping is s form of energy savings when installed. Adding a layer of insulation reduces heat leaks that are the scourge of any homeowner.
  • Aluminum is easy to clean and care for. It requires warm water and a bit of detergent to bring back the lustre to aluminum. No more peeling paint or degradation when you aluminum capping installed, and no extra work repainting the trim.
  • Aluminum provides a layer of strength and durability to your home. When installed around the garage door, it will absorb bumps and bangs and bounce right back like nothing happened.
  • Aluminum trim is an inexpensive and easy project to assume and gives you plenty of bang for your hard-earned buck.

Integrity Roofers Is Your Aluminum Capping Expert

Which Is the Best Type of Window Capping? When you have decided that your windows and garage door need capping, reach out to the Greater Toronto Area experts at Integrity Roofers. We can provide the work required to service any capping job, from a simple garage door capping to many windows of different shapes and sizes that are installed in your home. When you make the call, one of our seasoned experts will attend your address to assess your situation and come with a plausible affordable solution. If your frames or garage door trim are in good condition, we can work with that; if they need to be replaced, we can help there. Once the determinations have been made, we will offer a no-obligation quote for the work you need to repair or upgrade your home. For an assessment, call our office today at Integrity Roofers at 416.763.7373.

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