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Top Benefits of Installing Aluminum Capping for Garage Doors

Top Benefits of Installing Aluminum Capping for Garage Doors

May 29, 2021

Maintenance is the bane of any homeowner; when you think the work is caught up, another project comes to the forefront that saps time and money to get the key adjustments your home needs. Exterior maintenance is one area where costs can be constant. Subsequently, garage door capping is one area that offers a respite from ongoing expenses. Garage door aluminum capping will reduce maintenance costs as one less job to be completed, and it will protect your home. Aluminum capping for the garage door will supply a much-needed shield for your garage doorframe and instill peace of mind when it is complete.

What Is Aluminum Capping?

Capping or cladding is a process that allows tradesmen to add a layer of aluminum around the trim of a garage door or window. While the addition of capping is reasonably straightforward, it must be done with precision to meet the dimensions of the area it will cover. You need a certified professional to install capping. If not, it looks off-kilter and will make your home look as if it is off-centre.

Advantages of Having Aluminum Garage Door Capping

Capping Is Maintenance-Free

As a home improvement project capping for a garage door will effectively reduce your maintenance costs in the area of upkeep for the garage door. Covering wood trim is the first order of business – it stops water from getting in, and that is where the maintenance costs can be bear. Also, when cladding or capping is installed, you don’t need to paint or stain the garage door trim every couple of years due to finish fading. If the capping becomes soiled, a warm water wash takes the grime away, which is a labour saver compared to painting or staining.

Your Home Will Shine with Capping

To get that ‘clean look,’ aluminum capping is the only answer for your home. When a home is trimmed with capping, it presents well, and the aesthetic value shouldn’t be lost on any homeowner. Your garage door is the most important item in the front of your home, and it attracts the most attention. Cladding the area with sharp, bright aluminum makes your home look new and fresh. On the other hand, if you leave the garage door the way it is – peeling paint and scuffs and damage – it garners unwanted negative attention in the neighbourhood.

Extend the Life of The Garage Doorframe

The garage door is a wood frame, and when exposed, it comes into contact with all manner of weather and climate. Once you have covered the wood frame, it will be protected from the weather and, most importantly, water. Covering the wood trim is a two-stage process that sees aluminum sheeting combined with chemical compounds that create a watertight seal for the area where the cladding is installed. Limiting moisture prevents mould, which is one area where safety will be the essential aspect of your home improvement project.

Capping Is A Complement to Other Design Aspects of Your Home

Capping is like a picture frame. It encompasses all that is good about the front of your home in one snapshot. The best part about cladding is that you can find a colour and design scheme to pair with the architecture of your home. Once the colours have been selected, your contractor will use industrial-grade caulking that matches your home’s exterior colour and design. The upgrade allows for a dovetail finish for the outside of your home that complements the structure and character of the house. When a new garage door is added, it makes the front of your home POP, and the level of curb appeal will never be higher.

Durability Says It All

The best part of aluminum cladding is that it doesn’t rust or fade when exposed to the elements for years at a time. Aluminum has been used in the building industry for years because it is resilient and cost-efficient from a maintenance perspective.

Improved Energy Efficiency

When you think about the garage, does it always seem cold or like there is a constant draft? Well, that is because there is when you haven’t installed cladding. Adding a layer of protection that will not release heat or allow drafts is one area where energy efficiency will be improved. Providing a constant temperature is another way that cladding help with energy use. Your HVAC unit is constantly running when the temperature changes outside, affecting internal temperatures.

Add Value to Your Home.

Cladding adds equity value to your home through the improved curb appeal it produces. One look at a house with garage capping signals that you have invested in primary assets and sets the tone for a potential sale should you sell at a later date.

We Offer Quick & Efficient Aluminum Capping Services

install garage door cappingAt Integrity Roofers, we are the only aluminum capping solution in the Greater Toronto Area. With so many reasons to install garage door capping, what stops you from this simple and inexpensive home improvement project? To discuss the options available to update your garage door, contact the Integrity Roofers team for an in-depth assessment of your needs. For a no-cost estimate, call our office today at Integrity Roofers at 416-736-7373.

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