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Your roof is much more than the shingles you see on its exterior.  It is actually an entire system that consists of ventilation, insulation and water drainage.  When all components function properly, your roofing system is in good order, but if just one area is flawed, it may cause damage that can be very expensive to repair down the road.

The Integrity Roofers Way

Any work we perform on your roof is done in a way that takes your entire roofing system into account.  We find the root cause of your problem to ensure that once it is fixed, it never returns.

Integrity Roofers is a full-service roofing contractor providing licensed, professional roofing solutions:

Roof Maintenance

Roof Maintenance Roof Maintenance Service Like any other valuable asset in life, a roof also requires a certain maintenance and up-keep in order to perform with effectiveness and longevity. The role of your roof is to cover and protect you home, in turn it protects your loved ones and yourself. The fact is, what protects you, also …

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Attic Air Sealing / Weatherizing

Attic Air Sealing / Weatherizing More than half of the heat lost from your home occurs through the roof which, given Toronto’s climate, means that weatherizing your home can save you large amounts of money in heating costs as well as prevent future damage occurring to your roof. But although almost everyone has heard of insulation, Attic Air sealing is …

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Sloped Roof Snow Removal

Sloped Roof Snow Removal The removal of snow from your rooftop without the help of an experienced professional can be very dangerous. Integrity Roofers is a licensed and insured roofing company that efficiently and safely removes ice and snow buildup on the rooftops of houses in Toronto and the GTA. We pay particular attention to your roof underneath the snow …

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Attic Ventilation

Attic Ventilation Benefits of Proper Attic Ventilation A well-ventilated attic: Can extend the life of your roof structure and attic Keeps the attic cool in summer and warm and dry in the winter Prevents hot air from warping roof sheathing, which can deteriorate shingles prematurely Stops water from seeping under the shingles, rotting the roof structure and …

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Slate Roofs

Slate Roofs Slate has been known for centuries as one of the most beautiful and durable roofing materials. Historically, some of the world’s greatest buildings have used slate roofing. Today, examples of slate roofs can be found at Cambridge University and Oxford University in England, as well as on the Legislative Building in Toronto, Canada. What makes …

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Skylight Installation And Repair

Skylight Installation And Repair Roof Skylight Installation with the Experts Roof skylights are a beautiful and smart addition to any residential, commercial or industrial property. Available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and styles, you can choose the skylights that best suit your property or even have them custom made to fit the configuration. Sometimes skylight installations involve …

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Outdoor Xmas Lights

Outdoor Xmas Lights Toronto is beautiful this time of year. The changing colours of the trees and the noticeable nip in the air remind us that winter is not far off. Now that the leaves have begun to fall from their branches and outdoor temperatures are rapidly decreasing, the time has come …

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Attic Insulation

Attic Insulation Why Attic Insulation is Important Proper attic insulation helps to: Minimize the loss of hot air and cold air through your roof Stabilize the temperature inside your home during the summer and winter Lower your energy bills (by reducing the loss of hot and cold air) Increase the lifespan of your heating and air conditioning …

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Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement Roof Replacement Services Toronto Roof Replacement Services Are you experiencing problems with your roof? If you notice loose, curling, cracked, compromised or missing shingles, it may be time for a roof replacement. In addition to shingle wear and tear, a roof with damaged or missing flashing, rotting fascia or a decomposing deck is also in …

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Soffit Fascia Eavestroughs

Soffit Fascia Eavestroughs Eavestroughs, Soffits and Fascia The fascia is a 1×6 wooden band that is situated vertically behind the eavestrough, running horizontally under the edge of your roof. Usually the fascia wood is cladded by aluminum (called fascia aluminum). This adds an aesthetically pleasing dimension to the eavestrough system, and at the same time, protects the wood fascia …

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Ice Damming Services

Ice Damming Services What is an Ice Dam? An ice dam is a buildup of ice that forms at the base, eaves or other areas of your roof. It is a result of heat escaping from your interior home into your attic, which then warms the roof deck (this is the structure beneath your shingles). This heat, combined …

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Siding Your home is much more than a place of shelter. It is a reflection on you and your family’s personal tastes and individual style. Your home is something to be proud of and enhancing its curb appeal is an ongoing, exciting process. Consider the addition of siding to your home for a refreshed, updated appearance. …

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Roof Repairs

Roof Repairs Integrity Roofers offers both emergency roof leak and non-emergency roof repair services to both commercial and residential roofing in the Greater Toronto Area. For each roof repair, our roofers will take before and after photos of your roof during the roof inspection to show you exactly what we have done to fix the problem …

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Roof Consulting

Roof Consulting The most important part of roofing is the contractor’s ability to analyze, dissect, and understand your roofing system. If you are experiencing a recurrent or ongoing problem, it is important that your contractor identifies and resolves the issue at the source. This is where Integrity Roofers’ consulting services come into play. Roofing Assessment Before any …

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