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Roof Repair and Rates

Once our administrative assistant narrows down the potential roof issue you may be facing and assigns your case over to the appropriate team manager, a certified roof technician with both a broad knowledge base and specialisation in the relevant field is sent to your home.


The technician arrives at a precise, pre-arranged time in a large van equipped with all the tools and materials required to get the job done, so that the work can happen on the spot. The technician arrives with a preliminary understanding of the situation and the appropriate roofing material in the shade and colour to match your specific roof, having received information and/or photos of your issue on your home’s design and colour scheme.

On arrival, the specialist assesses the situation and gives you a clear overview of the issue as well as information about what must be done in order to address it and to prevent further damage. If there is a good chance that the job can be completed within one hour, (as is the case with 90% of our repairs,) there is a 350 dollar minimum fee. This covers the consultation and diagnosis, the materials and one hour of repair work. Additional work costs 90$/hour. If we discover that the issue will likely take longer than an hour for repair and you do not wish to have it fixed, you will not be charged at all. The initial gathering of information and sourcing the necessary repair materials is something that figures into the work hours for many roofing companies, which then reflects in the final costs. We get all of that done and include it in the minimum fee so that there are no surprises on your bill.

We aim to provide far more value than what we charge, by educating our clients on the ins and outs of roof repair, maintenance and damage prevention, so that you can put roof issues behind you for good. When it comes to the quality of our repairs, we continue to fund workshops and seminars for our employees so that they may attend ventilation and skylight seminars and techniques for all roofing systems, including shingles, slate, flat roofs, cedar and more. Each one of our team members are certified professionals who are well versed in protocols, new technologies, building codes and manufacturer instructions, all with over a decade of individual experience.

During Toronto’s major storms wherein many roofs suffer damage due to improper roofing installation, we tend to receive many calls for repairs, but we have yet to receive a call back from a single one of our own previous clients. We are committed to making your first roofing issue your last.


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