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Roofing Consulting

The most important part of roofing is the contractor’s ability to analyze, dissect, and understand your roofing system. If you are experiencing a recurrent or ongoing problem, it is important that your contractor identifies and resolves the issue at the source. This is where Integrity Roofers’ consulting services come into play.

Roofing Consulting
Roofing Consulting

Roofing Assessment

Before any roofing solutions or prices are discussed over the phone, we conduct a thorough assessment of your roofing system. During this assessment, not only do we address your immediate concerns, but we also take a look at the overall functioning of your entire roof. We do this because oftentimes what appears to be a specific problem in one area turns out to be the direct result of an issue in another part of your roof.

We take the necessary time upfront to accurately diagnose the issue. Incorporated into this process is:

  • Picture taking to show you where the problem areas are
  • A brand new service in the roofing industry – aerial measurements that give us a detailed report about the roof’s slope and dimensions, accurate up to 99.9%!
  • Brief overview of the roof’s history (i.e. was it installed by the builder or by a roofing company, when was the last time it was repaired or replaced, have you experienced any prior issues?)
  • Thorough assessment (of the issue as well as other key components of your roofing system)
  • Evaluation of the best solutions moving forward (i.e. what is the solution that is most efficient, cost effective and sustainable in the long-term?)

No Obligation, No Bias

Our roof consulting services are treated separately from the other services we provide. This means that when we assess your situation, deliver an explanation and offer our professional recommendations, there is no expectation or obligation. We are happy to provide an independent consultation or a consultation that also includes the performance of specific roofing installations, repairs or replacements.

Knowledge and Experience

Our rich experience and in-depth knowledge always play a key role in our consultation services. In the vast majority of cases, your roofing problem is one we have seen and resolved before. If yours is a more obscure issue, our thorough understanding of roofing systems helps us dissect the precise cause of the problem and provide an optimal solution.

For more information about our roofing consultation services, please contact us today.


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