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Common Roof Problems‌

Common Roof Problems‌ Roofing problems are a common occurrence for homeowners in Toronto and the GTA. Considering the fact that your roof is forced to weather the elements of the outdoors all year round, this is not hard to believe. From the blistering heat and heavy rains in the summer, to freezing cold temperatures, and snow and ice storms in the winter, a proper roofing system is built to handle it all beautifully. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and an improperly constructed, failing, or old roof is bound to encounter any number of roofing problems.

Integrity Roofers is here to help. Our experienced and qualified team of roofing contractors has the knowledge and expertise to fix any roofing problem at the source – meaning it will not recur in the future.

Here are a few of the most common roofing problems:

Avoid These Common Roofing Mistakes

Common Roofing Mistakes Your roof works as a system. There are a number of elements that can lead to a range of issues and complications. By making yourself aware of the most common roofing mistakes in roofing installations, repairs and replacements, you can save yourself the hassle and expense of more severe problems in the future. Hiring the …

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Improper Attic Ventilation

Improper Attic Ventilation Poor or improper attic ventilation is one of the most common reasons for premature roof failure because it can cause excess heat build up in your attic. This heat warms and dries out the shingles from their underside, which eventually leads to loose granulos (this is what protects the shingles from the sun’s UV rays). …

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Incorrect Roof Flashing

Incorrect Roof Flashing Roof flashing plays an important role in leak prevention at the most vulnerable areas of your roof including the chimney, valleys, around dormers and skylights, and plumbing stacks. Flashing is usually made of aluminum or steel which is installed at the weak areas of your roof where it expands and contracts to shed water away. …

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Roof Leaks

Roof Leaks Common Causes of Roof Leaks Roof leaks are a common problem among homeowners in Toronto and can occur for a number of reasons, including: Insufficient underlayment Improper ventilation Ice dams Poor workmanship Inadequately installed or maintained roof penetrations Insufficient Underlayment A roof’s underlayment (a layer usually made of breathable, synthetic material located between your roof …

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Rotting Roof Deck

Rotting Roof Deck Part of the structure that supports the materials on the surface of your roof is called the roof deck if you find any damage to the roof deck please contact your roofer to have it looked into. You may need a roof repair or a full roof replacement pending on how critical the situation is. …

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Shingle Buckling

Shingle Buckling Asphalt shingles can buckle across each course (row of shingles) of the roof. This is caused by movement of the roof deck below and occurs in roofing systems whose roof decks are made of dimensional lumber. If you find that their is any signs of buckling call your roofing contractor immediately as this can be …

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Worn Or Damaged Roof Shingles

Worn Or Damaged Roof Shingles Common Cause of Damaged Roof Shingles Even a top quality, perfectly installed roof wears over time and becomes damaged. Particularly in Toronto and the GTA where our climate undergoes a number of changes throughout any given calendar year, roof shingles are always expanding and contracting as a response to temperature fluctuations. Over time, this leads …

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