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Commercial Roof Maintenance

Since commercial roofing is usually flat, rainwater is evacuated by means of drains and scuppers. When leaves, feathers or airborne debris gets into the drainage system, clogs can occur, causing internal leakage and interference with air conditioning systems or other units on the roof.

commercial roof maintenance
commercial roof inspections

How Integrity Roofers Can Help

Commercial roof maintenance can be an expensive proposition if not dealt with promptly, and issues are often easier and cheaper to address if discovered early. For this reason, it is important to have regular commercial roof inspections performed by Integrity Roofers.

Our team provides a semi-annual commercial roof maintenance service to ensure that your roof is well-cared for. We remove the buildup of waste from your roof, and we check up on the metal flashing, membranes, capping, etc., in order to supply your roof with the proper conditions to last. We provide you with photos of the condition of your roof, which we update in our database with every visit, and we impart information relevant to its upkeep so that you can take whatever preventative measures necessary before a problem arises. It is worth noting that most manufacturers do not guarantee their roofing products without ample cleaning maintenance since gravity alone is not enough to drain a flat roof system.

No two buildings were created alike, and no two roofs are the same. When we make a maintenance plan for your structure, we keep the needs of the building in mind. We don’t offer cookie-cutter solutions and instead enact solutions based solely on necessity. We work to alleviate our client’s concerns through consultation and communication.

The goal of any roof is to last, and at Integrity Roofers, we take that to heart when designing your commercial roof’s repair and maintenance plan. Our customized programs focus on prevention, and we work proactively to prevent minor problems from becoming large repair bills. We aim to minimize and eliminate any unexpected repairs, keeping you safe from roof failure.

Our Roof Maintenance Saves You Money

Maintenance Begins with A Roof’s Installation

A new roof must be properly maintained from the time it is installed, and if it is, it will surpass the warranty period that the roof is covered for. You may receive an extended warranty should you purchase a maintenance plan that the manufacturer approves.

Identify Problems Early

A twice-a-year roof inspection is essential. Your maintenance team will be able to identify problems early and solve them quickly and inexpensively. Preventing damage and moisture infiltration are two things a regular inspection will do for a roofing system.

Warranty Protection

Upkeep for a roofing system is codified in most roof warranties, and the warranty demands regular inspection to be in force should problems arise.

Spend A Little Save A Lot

Regular roof maintenance keeps cost control for your building upkeep budget and prevents early roof failure. Minor repairs are easily shouldered, while a significant outlay of financial capital hurts the bottom line. Spending a few hundred dollars on maintenance is undoubtedly preferable to spending thousands of dollars for a complete roof tear-off.

Common Questions about Commercial Roof Maintenance

What Does the Maintenance of a Commercial Roof Include?

Commercial roofing maintenance encompasses many roof areas that we often take for granted. Commercial roofing contractors will perform the following tasks: inspections, general roof repairs, debris removal, gutter cleaning and mould removal and other duties as required. If you aren’t a roofing expert, it can be challenging to know if you need commercial roofing services that constitute commercial roof maintenance. When you have doubts, professional commercial roofing companies like ours at Integrity Roofers have many years of experience assessing commercial roof repair needs. We will recommend the best course of action to remediate any problems you are experiencing.

What is Commercial Roof Inspection?

A commercial roofing inspection is a wrap-around service that deals with all facets of the roofing system and its structure. Once completed, the discovered details will be conveyed in a report highlighting how long the roof will last with the unchecked problems. If you purchase a commercial facility, you will want to see the roof inspection report to handle your current and future roof maintenance requirements.

How Do You Extend the Life of a Commercial Roof?

First and foremost, you need the services of a qualified roofing contractor, like us at Integrity Roofers, to provide all the expertise you need to maintain your roofing system and keep it in tip-top condition. We recommend biannual roof inspections to identify target areas that need attention in the spring and fall. The reason we suggest spring and fall inspections is simple; after a brutal winter, flaws and damage will show up and help us provide the necessary work to repair any winter damage. In fall, we want to help you winterize your roof, which means taking stock of the roof’s condition and making minor repairs before the onset of the ravages of winter.

What Kind of Roof Maintenance Is Best Before a Storm?

In the Greater Toronto Area, we see heavy rains in the spring and fall. We at Integrity Roofers would like to provide some advice to help prepare your roof for potential weather events like heavy rains to help protect your premises. It starts with checking the flashing to ensure it provides a watertight seal anywhere it is installed. A short-term fix can revolve around the addition of some caulking to close up any gaps – but bear in mind if the mortar is completely eroded, a rebuild around the flashing may be required. Nails that have become dislodged are a source of water entry during a rainstorm, and it can affect flashing and vents, too, so be on the lookout for nails that protrude above the surface. Chimneys and brickwork are sources of water entry – if water cascades down a chimney will manifest itself on the walls of the interior of the building producing stains and puddles if the leak is severe enough. Bricks will deteriorate over time, and another source for water entry – when in rough shape, bricks should be replaced when identified as a problem as soon as possible.

Hire Our Commercial Roof Maintenance Experts for the Best Results

As one of the commercial roofing companies in the Greater Toronto Area, we at Integrity Roofers have a comprehensive roof maintenance plan to protect your investment. The cost ranges from $450-$750 – depending on building size and location – and it will provide safety and security for your building. For more information or to discuss your building’s roof maintenance need, call Integrity Roofers today for pricing in your area at 647-504-2121.


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