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Aluminum Capping

You’re upgrading your home with aluminum siding, and you need aluminum capping to be applied to many areas around your home. Garage door capping, windows capping and aluminum capping because the capping is an essential finishing feature for your home. Your home resale value will increase when you use aluminum capping for the garage door or window. It is an economical service that we at Integrity Roofers provide. This service is part of a comprehensive suite of flat roof services, and it comes as energy-efficient, adding another layer of protection to your home. Aluminum improves your building’s structural integrity, and we use flexible, durable aluminum that we can shape to meet the dimensions of your home. Aluminum is made from recycled material, making it a green option for people concerned about their carbon footprint.

aluminum capping
window aluminum capping

Aluminum Capping Services

Window Aluminum Capping

Adding aluminum siding adds protection for the exterior of your home. Curb appeal is what the siding adds to your home. The frames around the doors and windows will be shielded from the elements giving them a great shelf life. We winterize our cars for the coming season. Why not our homes with aluminum siding?

Garage Door Capping

Capping your garage door comes with two benefits. First off, it reduces maintenance costs for upkeep, and it adds a décor aspect to your new garage door. When Integrity Roofers installs the capping, we meet your existing door’s dimension standards through a custom fit for the aluminum sheets. And, you can have many colours to choose from.

Other Aluminum Capping Services

When we install your capping, we will install roof capping, door capping, post capping, fascia and soffit capping and customized capping for other areas around your home. We execute this service to provide all the protection your home needs and help you keep your utility bills under control.

Benefits of Aluminum Capping

  • Lightweight, durable, and won’t rust
  • Stands stout to the weather/climate four-season climates like Canada throw at aluminum
  • Easy to install and repair
  • It will last for at least 40 years (in rural/suburban areas) and 25 years (in marine and industrial areas)
  • Aluminum is a green product, and as mentioned earlier, it is 100 percent recyclable

Our Work at Integrity Roofers

Using large panels, we form the pieces that we put together to clad your home with aluminum siding. We use the capping to enhance your home’s appeal when you have a flat roof, and that is the best part of the addition to your home. Lifespan and material strength are the attractions of aluminum capping for your home, and they are an upgrade you can’t do without.

Frequently Asked Questions About Aluminum Capping

Is Aluminum The Best Choice For Capping?

It is the only choice. Larger openings that require thinner frames and the metal’s external strength are what set aluminum apart from other materials.

Does Aluminum Look Nice And Stay Clean?

The finish stays vibrant, and an anodized finish is resilient in the face of UV rays.

Does It Ensure Safety And Security?

Excellent locking systems and above-average sliders are the best security features that come with aluminum. Gaps are eliminated, and there is no intrusion by insects or vermin when aluminum is installed.

How Much Maintenance Does It Require?

Aluminum will last for at least two generations, and the metal that aluminum is made from will withstand some of the heaviest weather that Canada throws at it.

Choose Integrity Roofers for Aluminum Capping And Cladding In The GTA

When we take on a job, we practice due diligence and take time to complete the project right on budget. We want to assure our customers that we have time for any questions they have about capping and cladding and would love to discuss why it is an excellent decision for their home. For a detailed analysis of the project, please call our office today at Integrity Roofers at 647 953 9365.


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