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Your home is much more than a place of shelter. It is a reflection on you and your family’s personal tastes and individual style. Your home is something to be proud of and enhancing its curb appeal is an ongoing, exciting process. Consider the addition of siding to your home for a refreshed, updated appearance.


A Range of Products to Choose From

In today’s diverse market, siding comes in many colours, finishes and sizes.  Siding can make a hundred-year-old-home look brand new or create the illusion of a log cabin.  Whatever appearance you’re looking for, Integrity Roofers offers a wide variety of high quality and affordable siding to choose from.

Less Maintenance and Energy Expenditure

Not only can it augment the appearance of your home, but siding can also reduce maintenance and lower monthly energy bills.  When installed correctly, it actually acts as added insulation for your home, resulting in less energy usage from heating and cooling systems to keep your home at a consistent and favorable temperature.

Proper Installation

It is important to remember that your home is one interconnected system – the roof, soffits, eavestroughs, attic and exterior siding all work together as one cohesive unit.  With this in mind, it is essential that you hire a roofing contractor who takes a thorough and complete approach to siding repairs and installations.  Professional siding contractors from Integrity Roofers have the skills and expertise to provide you with an exceptional finished product using the latest technologies, products and industry innovations.

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