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Integrity Roofers Ltd. offers three different types of warranties:

Sure Start CertainTeed Plus
Sure Start CertainTeed Protection
SELECT ShingleMaster CertainTeed

Manufacturer’s Warranty

In general, manufacturers offer two types of warranties: prorated and non-prorated.

Manufacturer’s Warranty
Manufacturer’s Warranty

Manufacturer’s Non-Prorated Warranty

A Non-Prorated Manufacturer’s Warranty provides full coverage on all materials, labour, tear-off and disposal for a specified period of time.  At CertainTeed, it is called SureStart Plus.  In order to receive this warranty, a contractor who is certified by the manufacturer must perform the installation, following each and every guideline and specification outlined by the manufacturer.  No corners can be cut and no wrong materials used.  If all is done correctly, as a homeowner you benefit from full coverage regardless of whether you need a small repair or a complete replacement.  Upon installation, the contractor registers your warranty with the manufacturer to ensure your coverage for the full duration.

Manufacturer’s Prorated Waranty

A Prorated Manufacturer’s Warranty, such as CertainTeed’s SureStart, is limited and may only cover certain aspects of your roof replacement or repair.  A Prorated Warranty is provided on roofing systems whose installation did not follow the full scope of the manufacturer’s guidelines and specifications.

Prorated Warranties will vary according to the product and manufacturer you choose.  For example, CertainTeed’s SureStart Warranty, within 10 years of installation, covers materials and labour but not disposal or tear-off.  Other Prorated Warranties depreciate over time, offering replacement materials or the cash equivalent of what the replacement materials are worth at the time they fail.

To find out more about our Contractor and Manufacturer Warranties at Integrity Roofers, contact us today.


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