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Commercial Skylights

One way to introduce a positive ambiance into your enterprise is to usher in the beauty and warmth of natural light with a skylight. While residential skylights are often standard shapes and sizes, commercial skylights tend to be much larger, and for this reason they are custom made, oftentimes according to the design of an architect. They may be pyramid-shaped,V-shaped or dome-shaped, tailored depending on your preference and to suit the structure of your building.

Commercial Skylights
Commercial Skylights

Our Commercial Skylight Services

Whether you are looking to maintain or repair an existing skylight, or to create a new one from scratch, at Integrity Roofers, we take care of the entire process, start to finish. From creating the custom metal flashing and the opening required in the roof to renting a crane to lift the heavy materials (if need be), to installing the skylight, properly sealing it and maintaining it after installation, our highly experienced experts are at your service. We provide you with a ten year warranty as well as year-round service for inspection, cleaning and the recommended annual maintenance. Prices vary according to the size and scope of the project as well as location of the site.

Commercial Skylight Installation

Natural light adds an ambiance that can’t be replicated with canned lighting. It makes any area feel warm and welcoming, and it is a relatively inexpensive upgrade to any building. If you are building a new structure, include skylights to enhance the value of the property. When you work with us, know that we use eco-friendly and energy-efficient solutions for your new skylight.

Skylight Repair

At Integrity Roofers, we have skilled technicians with a wealth of experience for any skylight repair you need at your facility. Whatever the problem is, we have a solution that revolves around replacing glass panels, adding new gaskets or sealants as well as replacing aluminum flashing and extrusions. Other options we provide include re-glazing to a high-performance panel or a safety glaze panel to ensure the ultimate in protection.

Refurbishing your skylights is also an option before a replacement – removing old waterproofing materials, pressure bars, and beauty caps that have outlived their usefulness is a place we can start at. The repairs will create a watertight skylight that you can be proud of and protect your commercial facility in the process.

Commercial Skylight Replacement

At Integrity Roofers, we are the foremost experts in commercial skylight replacement for old and dated skylights that no longer perform as advertised. We have a deep well of experience in engineering analysis that encompasses a review of the existing skylight, the structure of the system, safety issues and any upgrades that are required when a skylight is replaced.

Why Choose Us for Commercial Skylight Services?

Skylight Specialists

At Integrity Roofers, we offer a comprehensive list of services to help you maintain your commercial skylight, and we have over 20 years of service in the industry to apply cutting-edge technology to your facility. The scope of the project or complexity of the work is no problem for our team of technicians as we approach all of the work with the same level of dedication and integrity that has sustained our company for two decades.


When you have selected us as your skylight experts, we know one thing, evaluation is critical to the project, and it drives the results. We develop solutions based on your needs and your budget to get the best-in-class results.


With decades of hands-on experience, we can repair any current system or install the most up-to-date skylight on the market.

Quality Assurance

Finding the right product to fill the void has never been more important – when you purchase a skylight product and the installation that goes with it, have confidence that you have purchased only the best that is available.

Frequently Asked Questions about Commercial Skylights

What Are the Benefits of Installing Commercial Skylights?

  • Improved indoor environment – enhancing appeal for staff and customers
  • Productivity boost – sunshine provides energy to stressed-out staff, and mood improves
  • A reduction in energy costs – less dependency on artificial light means reduced lighting cost
  • Good health – stress and anxiety will be reduced due to the boost in serotonin that sunlight produces.

Do Commercial Skylights Leak?

Yes and no. If you have your skylight installed by Integrity Roofers, you can be assured that it won’t leak. Our company follows the manufacturer’s guidelines, and we take great care when adding the finishing touches, like sealing the opening against water leaks. Some installers may not have the depth of experience we have, and their work can be less than stellar, causing leaks.

What Does It Cost for A New Skylight Installation?

Costs vary for a skylight installation, and it depends on several factors. Size, type of skylight (fixed or ventilation), flat ceiling or vaulted ceiling and type of installation desired. Installation of a new skylight is new construction – meaning opening a hole on the roof and installing a cover. Inside, drywalling, painting and other finishing touches need to be applied to give your new skylight the profile it demands as an addition to your premise. When you deal with us at Integrity Roofers, know that you will receive a fair price that aligns with industry norms.

How Long Does It Take to Install a Skylight?

Surprisingly, installing a skylight can be relatively fast, but that is if everything is aligned in the right direction. A skylight installation is a two-stage operation that starts on the outside of the roof and then moves inside to where it is installed. During installation, factors that will need to be addressed include roof pitch, interior light shaft (depth and shape), and the weather. On the whole, it can take a few hours or up to three days, depending on the circumstances.

Commercial Skylight Repair, Installation or Replacement

Aside from the functionality of a roof, the aesthetic appeal of a skylight can go a long way in attracting clientele to your business and in boosting the morale and creativity of your employees.

Integrity Roofers offer a seamless process for selection, installation and maintenance for your facility, and we don’t use third parties to complete any phase of the work. We guarantee the services and products we provide following manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure your product warranty.

Homestars has acknowledged our contributions to our industry with their designation as best in the field for five years. Quality workmanship that will stand the test of time comes from dedication to our craft to create the type of satisfaction that comes from a job well done. We invite you to visit our website and request an estimate for your commercial skylight project. To speak with a skylight specialist, please call our office today at Integrity Roofers at 647-504-2121 for more information.


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