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Outdoor Xmas Lights – Professional Christmas Light Installation Service

Have Yourself a Merry Christmas – by Having a Professional Hang Your Outdoor Christmas Lights!

Toronto is beautiful this time of year. The changing colours of the trees and the noticeable nip in the air remind us that winter is not far off. Now that the leaves have begun to fall from their branches and outdoor temperatures are rapidly decreasing, the time has come (whether we like it or not) to start thinking about Christmas. Aside from the joy and merriment that accompany the holiday season, there are a few things most people could probably do without – crowded and chaotic malls, for instance, or radio stations’ incessant broadcasting of Christmas carols. Perhaps one of the most dreaded aspects of the approaching holiday season, however, is hanging outdoor Christmas lights on your home or office building.

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Let’s face it. Hanging Christmas lights is not exactly at the top of most people’s list of fun things to do. That’s probably because hauling out your ladder, rounding up numerous extension cords, hooks and insulated staples and spending hours outside in the cold while you struggle with said supplies and equipment, doesn’t sound very appealing. Nor does untangling string upon string of lights and checking for frayed wires, broken connections, and that each individual bulb is working (reminiscent of the popular holiday film National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation). Moreover, knowledge of electric currents, circuits and electrical conductors is required in order to avoid hazards such as fire and electrocution, which could occur during Christmas light installation, removal and at any time during your use of outdoor lights throughout the holiday season. The bottom line is that the amount of time and effort involved in hanging outdoor Christmas lights is considerable. And let’s not forget that what goes up now, must come down after the holidays have passed.

Aside from being a pain, hanging and removing Christmas lights can be downright dangerous. Each year, numerous accidents and injuries are reported in Canada and the United States during the winter holiday season, many of which are related to putting up lights and decorations. In 2012, Ontario residents were reminded of the dangers of outdoor light installation, when an Oshawa man suffered serious injuries after losing his balance and falling from a roof while putting up Christmas lights. Falling from ladders or roofs, accidental electric shock, cuts and broken bones are only a few of the potential accidents and injuries that could occur while hanging lights on your home or office building. Any one of these potential dangers could land you in the emergency room of your local hospital, which would certainly put a damper on the festive spirit of the holiday season. Wouldn’t you rather be lounging on your couch, cozy and relaxed, while someone else does the work for you?

At Integrity Roofers, we have the training and expertise required to hang outdoor Christmas lights safely and efficiently. Not only do we bring all of the necessary supplies and equipment, we also save you money by using attractive, energy-efficient LED lights that have been certified safe for outdoor use. Our experienced workers understand the wants and needs of customers and can be trusted to create a beautiful outdoor light display that will garner compliments from passers-by.

Why not let us save you the time and hassle of hanging outdoor Christmas lights this season? We’ll even let you take the credit for “best-looking house” in your neighborhood!

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