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Commercial Roof Consulting

Our team of highly-trained professionals are widely recognized as top experts in their respective fields. For this reason, Integrity Roofers is highly sought-after in order to provide sound and trustworthy counsel regarding the best course of action for optimising the conditions to ensure proper functioning and durability of your roof. We offer insight into the current state of your roof, as well as suggestions on how to best proceed with follow-up measures.

Commercial Roof Consulting
Commercial Roof Consulting

Our Commercial Roof Consulting Services

Whether your commercial roof needs full or partial replacement, repair, preventative treatment or cleaning, we supply you with the information, options and clarity you require for making educated and wise choices that support the longevity and welfare of your roof. If you plan on installing a heating, ventilation or air conditioning system we suggest that you get a sense of protocol or potential deficiencies in your roof before undergoing the process, and we are available to guide your decisions and save potential headaches, time and money. Please contact us to discuss questions you may have and for price estimates in your area.

What Our Commercial Roof Consulting Services Entail

  • A complete roof inspection will determine the life span of your roof and the usefulness of the roof as it sits now.
  • We will perform a leak analysis to determine where future problems might come from.
  • We will provide a cost estimate for any roof replacement project.
  • Our attention to quality assurance is unparalleled, and we constantly review our work throughout the scope of the job.
  • We work as your advocate during the construction and consulting process for insurance claims when they are made.
  • We see your roof as an asset, and we provide roof asset management services for the long-term protection of your building.
  • We assist with bid oversight during the tender process when work is required at your facility.
  • We execute building inspections and review designs to ensure that your facility receives the best possible solution when trouble visits your roofing system.
  • We conduct moisture surveys to determine where your roof is failing and prescribe the right cure for the problem your roof may be facing.
  • If you find yourself in litigation, we are your expert witness advocacy in any courtroom proceedings.

Why Choose Integrity Roofers for Commercial Roofing Consultations

Commercial roofing work is complex and requires detailed plans to address all the factors involved in the work. The contractor can provide excellent solutions based on sustainable materials that fall within budgetary boundaries, and a quality-roofing consultancy will be able to provide an excellent analysis of the problems. You can expect your roofing consultant to address the following:

  • Identification of hazardous materials within the system.
  • A review of the current maintenance plan.
  • Inspecting the drainage system, how the HVAC system impacts the roofing system to provide a durable roofing system for the facility.

There are many reasons to choose our company, Integrity Roofers, and it starts with our credentials in the roofing industry. Our team holds a SELECT Shinglemasters designation, and CertainTeed has recognized our work with their recognition of our services. Our workmanship is top-of-the-line and comes with an outstanding warranty – also, the products we install come with a manufacturer’s warranty. We strictly adhere to all manufacturers’ guidelines when installing roofing products to protect your warranty status. We do not use third-party contractors; we have a trained crew ready to take on your problems that come with many years of experience in the roofing industry. Homestars have determined our work is best in class, and they have awarded us the Best of Homestars Award five times. Your problems are our solutions, and we aren’t happy until you are at Integrity Roofers. That is why we go the extra mile to ensure quality workmanship, and we use only the best materials to install at your facility.

Connect with Us for the Best Commercial Roofing Solutions

At Integrity Roofers, we have been serving the Greater Toronto Area with cost-effective, quality roofing repairs and installations in the commercial sector for more than 20 years. Our success is predicated on two things, our highly trained staff and our dedication and integrity of service when you need roofing work. We hold municipal licensing, we are insured, and we hold credentials that no other roofing company in Toronto has to remediate any roofing problems afflicting your building. Our pricing is competitive and fair, and you will receive the best roofing service in the city when you choose us at Integrity Roofers. To receive an estimate for your roofing problems, click on the estimate link and include your contact information for follow-up. Or call our office today, at Integrity Roofers, for all the help you need from a qualified professional at 647.953.9365.


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