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Does Aluminum Window Capping Affect Your Siding?

Does Aluminum Window Capping Affect Your Siding?

May 28, 2021

As the weather takes its toll on your home, your window frames will fade due to exposure. That means an extra expense every couple of years having the soffit touched up to keep up the lustre. To protect your windows from the effects of rain and moisture, capping your windows is the best solution you can provide for your windows.

Window aluminum capping for your home’s exterior will extend the life of the windows. You don’t need to replace the windows – aluminum is a great reinforcing agent that helps keep the seal between the windows and the frame intact. Water damage and leaks will be a thing of the past when you have your windows capped with aluminum. Keep in mind that your siding will see a net benefit once capping is installed, as the water will be directed away from home when it encounters the capping and the siding. Your siding will see a longer life because directing water away from the cladding is essential to water management outside your home.

What is Window Capping?

Simply put, window capping is protection for wood window frames and trim without a replacement of materials. Aluminum or vinyl is used – cut to size – and then it is fitted over your existing window frames. Capping serves two practical purposes when installed. First is the improved aesthetics, as window capping looks great. The second purpose it serves is that it will cover a warped or peeling wooden frame window. The covering will reduce maintenance costs now and in the future, as you won’t be painting or replacing rotted frames every few years. Using aluminum or vinyl adds durability to the window. Both materials do not degrade over time, and they resist water damage in a way wood-framed windows can’t.

Trim Capping Offers Significant Returns for Your Home

  1. Maintenance requirements are lowered.
  2. Protection against climate and weather conditions that create wood rot.
  3. Insect infestation is vastly reduced.
  4. Resistance from freeze, frost, and fire.
  5. Looks great for a long time.
  6. One-time cost that provides long-term savings.
  7. No time spent on maintenance means more time for you.
  8. Colour schemes abound with trim capping.

What Should You Consider Before Installing Window Capping?

The great thing about aluminum or vinyl window capping is that it is malleable and comes in various colours to match your outdoor exterior. It is the great equalizer for weather and climate and keeps maintenance costs at bay. You don’t paint window capping; it comes colourized for immediate use. Certainly, many people like wood capping, but it comes with difficulties matching your home’s exterior and trim. An intense weather event like hail can dent aluminum capping, and it can blow off if improperly installed. Still, we are talking about rare occurrences here, and they shouldn’t make you shy away from the choice that aluminum presents. When you detect wood rot, you should never cap over the rotten trim – mould will be the next problem to deal with when the moisture from the trim infects the wood around the trim. Water damage travels, and it will be a problem for many areas of your home. When shopping for capping, remember that you need to shop for a contractor to install it. The costs for capping are relative to the work required, so budget accordingly.

Window Capping Directs Water Away from Window Frames and Siding

Sure, window capping looks excellent, but it is a workhorse for home protection. It moves water away from the windows and keeps moisture from penetrating your interior walls. The secret of successful capping is the drip edge, and that is how water is moved from the window to the ground. The watertight seal that capping provides protects the window and keeps water from damaging your home. A dry, comfortable environment is what capping offers for a family and one you can’t take for granted.

Capping Windows with Aluminum Creates a Weather-proof Layer

When aluminum capping is installed at your home, the goal is to create a weather-tight seal that is a layer of protection against water leaks. An added benefit of capping is that your wooden frames and outdoor trim don’t need complete removal or replacement. Aluminum can be molded to fit any window size and offer protection in many areas that you weren’t conscious of, like insects. Paint no more when you install aluminum widows capping.

Integrity Roofers Offer Reliable Window Capping Services

Window Capping ServicesWhen you engage our company, Integrity Roofers, for your entire window capping needs, know we carry an excellent reputation developed over 20 years in the roof replacement and repair business. Serving the Greater Toronto Area has been our pleasure. When you purchase materials and services from us, we offer an excellent warranty to cover any problems after the work is complete.

We don’t just cap windows. We offer capping for the garage, roof, doors, posts, fascia, and soffit. We can customize capping for your every need. For a complete breakdown of your capping work that comes with a professional estimate, call our office today at Integrity Roofers at 416-736-7373.

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