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Six Reasons Why Fall Is the Season for Commercial Roof Repair

Six Reasons Why Fall Is the Season for Commercial Roof Repair

September 5, 2020

A roofing repair should never be put off; sure, you might be in an emergency situation and can’t schedule a roofing repair in Toronto conveniently. But, roofers in Toronto will tell you that the best time to provide a repair by Toronto roofing companies is in the fall, and there several reasons to engage in roof maintenance in the fall season.

In life, they say preparation is everything, and for a roofing system, you must prepare for eventual maintenance and repairs for the system. If you have a certified roofing company on-call for any exigencies, you can count on them to perform the following tasks to ensure your roof maintains its integrity.

  • Roofing inspections should be done at a minimum once a year. It is best to have two inspections, one after the winter and one before the winter. You can identify problems and take action quickly.
  • Infrared scans of a roof’s exterior will identify problems that aren’t visible to the naked eye, and you can nip problems in the bud.
  • Roof repairs can be identified when you are in the inspection phase of roof maintenance. It might be a small as nailing down some new shingles of unplugging a downspout, but the little things mean a lot when managing a commercial property.
  • A roof, like a car, needs to be winterized to perform at its best. When you have a commercial roofing company meeting your roof’s winter needs, you avoid problems down the line.

Routine Seasonal Inspections Have Value for Your Commercial and Flat Roof

  • You can avoid costly repairs when maintaining a close eye on the roof. A small repair in September is much cheaper than a roofing installation in April because you missed a problem.
  • Your roof must stay in good working order no matter what the calendar says, and fall repairs are the best time of year to conduct roof repairs.
  • Getting out front of the weather is very important, especially when winter is just around the corner. Repairs can be done in the winter, but it is prudent to manage the repairs for better weather to ensure proper seals.

Six Reasons Why Fall Is the Ideal Season for A Commercial Roof Repair

  1. In the fall, the storm season ends, weather events are unlikely at this time of year as the roof damage is done primarily in the spring and summer. Fall is the perfect time to review any damage and make critical repairs that your roofing system needs. As we know, fall is a dry season after a summer’s rain, and that detail can’t be overlooked due to the nature of the work – outdoors. Rain can prevent roofing work when it comes down, and that precludes any repairs until the weather is agreeable.
  2. When roofing work is evaluated, the industry’s experts tell us that optimal temperatures for repair and installation are 45-50 degrees Fahrenheit. Shingles need cooler temperatures for sealing purposes, and the adhesion to the roof is the most important factor when laying shingles on a roof. Cooler temperatures also create the best working conditions for installers and repair personnel, as it is cooler when you are on the roof in the fall as opposed to the summer months.
  3. A drop in winter temperatures makes shingles harder to work with as they become stiff and brittle. Because the shingles become brittle and hard to work with, nail guns are set aside for hammers, which is a time-consuming exercise.
  4. Sealing a roof is very important to the operation of the roofing system. If you allow the shingles to bond with the roof structure, you will be in much better shape when winter brings its icy blasts. In the main, you receive better protection from moisture, and your building is better insulated when the work is done early.
  5. When you live in southern Ontario, you know one thing, winter snowstorms that drop excessive amounts of snow and hail will create havoc if you need a roof repair. The damage to your roof will only be exacerbated when storms come and prevent repairs to your roof.
  6. As a bonus, roofing work done in the fall is an energy saver – and reduces your energy bill in the process. Improved insulation that a new roof provides will help defray the roof’s cost through the energy savings you will enjoy long-term when you get your roofing work done in the fall.

If you own or manage a commercial structure, you have a lot riding on your commercial roof’s performance. Your tenants rely on a safe space for operations, or you have spent a life’s work building a business that must be protected from the elements to function at high efficiency. To keep your building in tip-top shape, vigilance is necessary to keep an eye on your roof and spot problems in their infancy rather than when they become the mother of all issues. We have a list of things for a building owner or manager to watch for to protect the investment they know as the commercial structure they operate.

Eight Signs of Flat Roof Damage

  1. If your building has an EPDM roof as the roofing solution you have chosen for your roof replacement, know that it is made of a rubber compound and one of the most common roofing solutions available. When you inspect your roof and examine the EPDM membrane and see a crack or rip, you know then that it is no longer watertight. Leaks are the inevitable result, and water damage inside the building will be a byproduct of the problem.
  2. A TPO roofing system affords many advantages for a building owner, it is a low-cost roof, and it gives the building a higher degree of energy efficiency and is lightweight. If cracks show up in the system’s surface, get help immediately – you are losing your watertight seal. The cracking tends to come after approximately 15 years of service, so keep an eye on the calendar when you inspect your roof.
  3. We mentioned roof inspections as the first step to excellent roof maintenance, and one time you should perform a review is after a good, hard rain. What you will be looking for when you ascend the roof is ponding water. That will tell you in no uncertain terms that your drainage system is failing and in need of repair forthwith. Certified roofing professionals will handle the problem adroitly, and it will eliminate water leaks into your building.
  4. A roofing system is a series of systems that work in concert to create a watertight seal and keep temperatures relative inside the building. You have a layer of trim on the side of the building known as flashings. It is a seal that covers where the roof meets the side of the building. If it is compromised – lifting or gone altogether – you need to address this problem with all haste. An opening at the flashing is an invitation for water to enter before you know it. The damage that is the result could cause an entire system replacement.
  5. When you see membrane blowing the wind, you know that it’s time to get help. You won’t notice the problem until you get on the roof but call somebody right away once you see it. The problem is a simple one to correct and costly one to ignore.
  6. Fasteners are the key to keeping a roofing system in place. If you are walking around on your roofing system and feel bumps under your feet – the fasteners are compromised, and a roof repair is in your future.
  7. When you see the telltale signs – a watermark – on the roof, know you have problems that you haven’t noticed on the roof. That indicates you have a breached roof system, a leak is coming from somewhere, and its time to contact a professional for help.
  8. Another problem that indicated roofing problems is water on the floor. That should tell you that the small leak you didn’t know about is now an open wound on your roof, and you are permitting water to enter with impunity.

If you have detected any of these signs on the roof, no matter how small, contact our office at Integrity Roofers immediately. It could be the difference between thousands of dollars in work or a small repair that will cost hundreds for a solution to protect your roof.

Commercial Roofing Services in Toronto Supplied by Integrity Roofers

When you assign your roofing problems to us at Integrity Roofers, we offer a suite of services to help protect and maintain your commercial or flat roof.

  • Roofing maintenance can never be overlooked, and at Integrity Roofers, we specialize in maintenance. We look for the hard to find problems, and in general, most problems start due to faulty drainage. We can keep your drains and downspouts clear to keep the water flowing away from your roof for a small price. We will run the gamut topside looking for any problems that will be fatal for a roofing system, and the maintenance encompasses all facets of your roofing system. We provide digital evidence of your problems and maintain a database concerning your roofing system to anticipate future problems. One thing to keep in mind, roofing products aren’t warrantied if there isn’t a solid maintenance plan in place, so make sure you understand the details of the warranty.
  • When you have a flat roof, you should know that the lifespan is a decade. To get the most out of your roofing dollar, regular repairs must be part of any plan to help extend your roof’s life. Leaks, no matter where they come from, will be the primary repair for your roofing system. Caught early, leaks are an easy repair, caught late; they are costly to repair.
  • Skylights are an energy saver – less lighting costs mean more money to the bottom line. When your staff is bathed in natural light, it is beneficial from a health standpoint – Vitamin D keeps employees happy. Skylights are the best investment you can make on your roof, and there are many different types to select. Your contractor will be able to recommend what works best with your roofing system.
  • When you have a flat roof, any change in weight on the roof can be a problem. At Integrity Roofers, we offer a snow removal service for a flat roof to help maintain your roof and building’s structural integrity. Also, heat exchange in the roofing system due to improper or a lack of insulation will create ice on the roof. That is a big problem for a roof that isn’t reinforced. Too, drains will be impacted and won’t be able to move water off the roof, creating a self-perpetuating cycle of ice and weight on the roof. At Integrity Roofers, we have an ice-melter to take on the roof that uses calcium to melt the build-up and remove ice.
  • When your flat roof has failed, and you need a new one, we at Integrity Roofers are the contractor to call.  Whether your system is tar and gravel, modified bitumen, or EPDM/TPO, we can install the roofing system of your choice to keep your building in excellent condition and your business flourishing.
  • Your roofing contractor is your best friend and should offer consulting and projections to future problems and maintenance projects when you hire them. At Integrity Roofers, we offer all the best advice due to our extensive experience working on roofs all across Toronto. There isn’t anything we haven’t seen or done on a roof, and our expertise is unmatched in our industry.

Reasons to Hire A Professional Roofing Company

  1. Roofing problems can come from a variety of sources, and recurring problems are one area that indicates your roofing contractor hasn’t served your interests.
  2. A problem on the roof can create compound problems when inadequate solutions are enacted. Improperly sealed skylights are one area that is a problem, especially when the area is disturbed and an improper seal is administered.
  3. It would be best if you had a contractor who is experienced, and a lack of professionalism is one of the biggest problems a building owner faces. You throw good money away after bad when you have less than experts prosecuting your roofing problems, and the bills grow as the issues do.
  4. When your roof has been repaired, take a look at the work. If the result looks like it has been slapped together, it has, which means future problems due to the poor quality of work tendered by a roofing contractor.
  5. Hiring a roofing contractor should come with some vetting, find out who he has done work for, and if the work in question was the right solution. It easy to find out information about a contractor, and his reviews will tell you all you need to know.

Contact Integrity Roofers for Your Roof Repair

Let your friends at Integrity Roofers handle all the problems and create the solutions you need to maintain a quality roof. For more than 20 years, the team has kept roofs in stellar condition with a balance experience and expertise that is the best in the roofing industry. At Integrity Roofers, we offer a warranty for our work, and the materials we use come with a warranty. For a professional estimate to begin your roofing solutions, contact our office at Integrity Roofers at 416-736-7373.

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