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How To Find The Best Commercial Roof Contractor?

How To Find The Best Commercial Roof Contractor?

December 5, 2019

Your commercial building needs a new roof, and you are reviewing potential roofing companies to provide the roof your building needs. There are many flat roofing companies in the Greater Toronto Area that can offer a variety of prices and services with their bid. One thing to keep in mind, not always is the lowest bid the best one from Toronto roofing companies. From an investment standpoint, it isn’t about the price, but what the work will do to fill the need when you hire a roofing company in Toronto.

Then, a building owner must examine the costs that will occur over the life of the roofing system to determine if the value for money is present. Roofing companies in Toronto will be able to demonstrate all the costs associated with maintenance and upkeep when they issue a bid for the work.

Measuring life expectancy in the roofing industry will see a roof last as little as five years to a maximum of 25-years. The timeline depends on the product chosen and the workmanship to install it when defining longevity. As a building owner, you should see three things when discussing your roofing project with a roofing contractor. A top-flight product that is installed by craftsmen that emphasize quality workmanship at a market rate price is what differentiates roofing companies. To make the right selection, you need to answer some critical questions, and we will show you how to make the assessment.

Finding the right roofing contractor

Who will be my contact person?

When you invest thousands of dollars on a new roofing system, you need to be confident in the organization you are employing. A knowledgeable, experienced representative that returns calls quickly and has a flair for the personal relationships in business is where you want to start. The roofing company you choose needs to be your advocate who can create workable solutions to the problems that arise. Identifying an agent that proposes the right answers can save money. A small repair, in light of roof replacement, can be what suits your needs.

In the roofing industry, like any other, a 24-hour turn around for phone calls is the industry standard. Credentials are everything in the roofing industry; if you have any doubts, ask for validation from the contractor you are speaking interviewing.

How good are their references?

Word-of-mouth advertising is something money can’t buy. It is the reputation of the roofing company that will create many happy customers who will sing the praises of the company. Quality work and integrity in the marketplace are the keys to any successful roofing company. Take time out to verify any references that are provided, and look at the work if you have any doubts before you sign on the dotted line.

There are times when a roofing company has done less than a stellar job, ask how they responded. Did they correct any problems after the fact? Longevity in the roofing business speaks to the expertise of the company. Look for roofing companies with a minimum of 10-years of experience with stable ownership. If the company has been sold recently, ask about the previous roofing experience the new owners hold.

Are they licensed, and do they carry insurance?

A professional roofing company will carry both items as a matter of form. It is what separates the fly-by-night roofers from the right professionals. For the building owner, ask if the crew has submitted to a background check and random drug testing. Roofing can be a dangerous business when workers are impaired, and liability for injuries can be consequential.

A roofing company should keep a close eye on the crews they employ – safety is job one – and can be demonstrated with every task the team performs. You can validate the insurance certificate at any time. Contractors are always willing to prove their bona fides when negotiating a deal. If you don’t receive proper accreditation for insurance, conclude any dealings with a contractor that doesn’t carry insurance.

Water or property damage or workplace injuries can be the responsibility of the building owner when dealing with an uninsured contractor. You will know if your contractor has quality personnel to carry out the work you assign. The price will tell you so. Excellent crewmen will command compensation as per their abilities. Good roofers are hard to come, so they are rewarded well for their skills. Roofing companies will invest in their employees, and the employees will be cornerstones for the company to build on. High turnover is a big problem because it affects continuity and quality workmanship. Don’t settle on an economical crew with limited experience because you only get what you pay for from them.

Do they specialize in the work you need done?

Screening potential contractors mean you need to get to the root of the problem. The contractor you need must be able to complete your project on time and correctly. That means the company must be experienced in the work you need. Never take a chance on a crew that doesn’t have a background in the job you need to be done. Commercial roofing and residential roofing are different animals. They require unique skill sets to accomplish the goals for their respective tasks. General contractors screen roofing companies to determine their suitability to complete any roofing project. It is essential to hire the right party, with the right experience, to produce the right results. Some of the considerations that need to be addressed: did the roofing company arrive when required, did they warranty the work correctly, was the client satisfied, how did they work with other trades on-site, and did the job run smoothly.

Dealing with Integrity Roofers means you have the best of all worlds. We specialize in commercial flat roof repairs and installations. Our reputation for quality workmanship is two decades-long and going strong, prosecuting roofing problems across the Greater Toronto Area.

Will they provide the correct system?

Before you purchase a roofing system, you need to satisfy all the details that are involved. Climate, internal temperatures during summer and winter and building use are some of the conditions that will determine the roofing system you purchase. The building application will drive the roofing system you need. Insulation, roof type, and flashing details will correspond to the structure’s needs. If the contractor can’t fit the puzzle pieces together, you need another contractor who can.

What is the real cost of owning a roof?

The cost of a roof and ownership over time come in at two different numbers. You can buy a roofing system that costs $50,000, and it seems like a steal by comparison to a roofing system that costs $75,000. The cheaper roofing system will not last as long as the more expensive roof, and it will come with higher maintenance costs. The more expensive roof will last for 25-years and come in with a yearly maintenance cost of $3750. The cheaper roof will cost $5000 annually for maintenance, and that becomes a burden when your roof will expire in 10-15-years.

Warranty considerations come into play; regular inspections and regular maintenance will keep a warranty in force. If you haven’t done your due diligence, your warranty could be voided by the manufacturer due to negligence. Different roofing systems have different maintenance protocols – some are maintenance-free, while others are not. Don’t define your choices to a narrow cross-section; look at everything the market has to offer in your building’s class of roofing systems.

What kinds of warranties are available?

Warranties vary, and the coverage may not be as comprehensive as you are led to believe. All warranties are not created equal, ask for a copy of a manufacturer’s warranty and go over it. Ask questions and define parameters, costly repairs depend on your ability to understand what is covered. The second half of the warranty question comes from the answer the contractor gives you. He must warranty his workmanship and installation, and if it isn’t for ten years, you could be getting shortchanged.

Finding a commercial roofing contractor

As a consumer, you are always right – demand that you be treated with courtesy and respect at every junction of a business deal. Avoid contractors that are slow to return phone calls and contractors that can’t provide a firm quote. Call on us at Integrity Roofers to satisfy all your roofing needs with our attention detail, quality workmanship, excellent warranties, and personal touch. Call our office today at Integrity Roofers for free quote and assessment at 647.953.9365

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