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10 Questions to Ask Your Commercial Roofing Contractor in 2019

10 Questions to Ask Your Commercial Roofing Contractor in 2019

September 28, 2019

When you have a roofing problem at your commercial building, the first thing you will do is search the list of flat roofing contractors to get the help you need. The search should be confined to companies that have a wealth of experience servicing the problem you have. Finding a roofing contractor in Toronto can be tough. There are hundreds, if not thousands of companies that do flat roof repair in Toronto, but can they be trusted with your roofing system? Before you settle on a company, review as many roofing contractors in Toronto as you can. Knowledge is power here. A commercial flat roof replacement in Toronto can cost thousands of dollars and if not installed correctly. It will void the warranty if the work is incorrect. That is something that a building owner must protect himself or herself against – the threat of lost capital on a job not done correctly will hurt financially. There is a form of validation that can be enacted before you hire anyone to make the repairs, and you are encouraged to ask the following questions. Evaluating Toronto roofers for the work must entail great workmanship, quality materials, and the skill required when satisfying the demands of the job.

Questions to ask before the job begins:

  • Is the commercial roofing company licensed and insured within the local jurisdiction?
    If they are, ask to see the insurance certificate. Reputable companies will think nothing of the request.
  • Is the company registered with the government and in good standing with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board?
    Roofing companies have their municipal licenses printed on the side of their trucks. You can verify them with a quick Internet search. Companies that are compliant with the regulations of the industry will provide a WSIB certificate. Any company that cannot provide vital details is one to avoid.
  • How long has the company been in operation for?
    In general, it takes 10,000 hours to learn a trade. If the company you are reviewing has less, they might not be the company for you.
  • Is the company certified by its’ product manufacturers?
    Companies will have accreditation from their suppliers. If not, you want to look in another direction.
  • What is their reputation with local customers?
    Ask for references and or testimonials to get a feel for the work you will receive. Third-party feedback will indicate past performance that can be banked on as future effort. If the reports are good, you have found a company to work with
  • What is the timeline of the project?
    In the beginning, a roofing project’s genesis comes from the drawing board. Once the project has been designed, the crew you employ should be able to install it quickly. The company should have an experienced crew, with expertise and excellent workmanship to complete the project on time.

Questions to ask during the roofing project:

  • How can the noise be managed?
    The work, by nature, is noisy. So, there will be some inconvenience when the roof is installed or repaired.
  • What is that smell, and will it affect day-to-day operations?
    Ensure that the roofing company is using safe materials. Low-VOC adhesives or primers are what is required to prevent noxious odours from invading your premises. An experienced roofing company will mitigate much of the smell through venting procedures to reduce exposure to the smell.
  • What should I do to protect my investment and ensure maximum roof longevity?
    The company you hire for the roofing work should be able to provide periodic inspections for your building. Depending on the use and other factors, the contractor can set out a schedule for inspections. It will help keep your roof performing well for a long time.
  • When can I schedule a flat roof inspection?
    A company that has taken on the job of repair or replacement should be available any time. The inspection is your best weapon to combat damage. One of the biggest problems is clogged drains, then weather damage as a close second. An inspection will help you discover the problems early and prevent costly repairs later.

Hiring a roofing contractor to install or repair a high-performance roofing system means you need a company you can trust. That is why Integrity Roofers is the only company you need to prosecute your roofing problems. We have the CertainTeed highest credential certification, and our roofers are authorized to work as Select Shinglemasters. Our workmanship is fully guaranteed. When we install a roof, we follow strict product guidelines for installation. That guarantees your warranty will be active should any work need to be done after the fact. Our company meets and exceeds industry guidelines for inspections, and that has given us the ability to offer warranty extensions. We don’t subcontract our work, all of the service personnel are trained and licensed for the work they do. In 2018, we received the Homestars award as a top-rated company in our sector of the roofing industry. Our name is our brand, and we strive to meet and exceed customer expectations every time we ascend a roof. We are dedicated to our craft and do our work with the highest level of integrity in our industry.

When roofing problems need solutions, you can count on us at Integrity Roofers to be at your side when you need us. For a professional consultation and no-obligation estimate, call our office today at Integrity Roofers at 647.953.9365.

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