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Hiring a Roofing Contractor Requires an Investment of Time and Research

Hiring a Roofing Contractor Requires an Investment of Time and Research

January 5, 2017

For a majority of homeowners, it is very likely that contact information for a local roofing contractor is not stored in their mobile phone directory or on a business card being held by a fridge magnet. This may be due to the fact a need for roof repairs or replacement may only arise once or twice during the time that a family owns their home.

However, when a roofer’s services are needed, there is often a desire on the part of the homeowner to have the problem resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible; this can in turn result in added stress or self-imposed pressure to find a local company that can handle the job with the least amount of delay. And while there is likely an abundance of advertising by roofing contractors at any given time (flyers, online, lawn signs, and local media), picking a good roofer, i.e. a reputable and reliable roofing contractor, may prove to be a more exhaustive exercise than one might at first assume.

So how does the homeowner go about hiring the right roofing contractor to address their specific needs within an acceptable timeline? The answer – though there could be some degree of inconvenience with this process, homeowners would be well-advised to invest some time and effort into screening various contractors before scheduling a service visit.

To begin the process, there are several sources through which homeowners can identify a few roofers worthy of potential consideration; these include but are not limited to:

  • Online searches to identify roofers from the local area
  • Feedback from third parties – family, friends, neighbours
  • Websites dedicated to contractor reviews (HomeStars, Houzz)

Once that short-list of roofing contractors (perhaps three to four max) has been created, homeowners will want to assess each company on their own merits; this can be done by contacting them directly to ask and learn about the following aspects of their business:

  • Experience – how long have they been active in the roofing business?
  • Estimates – will a quote be presented and approved/signed before work begins?
  • Designations – are they manufacture-certified to install or repair their products?
  • Warranties – what are they, and will these guarantees also be provided in writing?
  • Insurance – can they offer proof of valid workplace and general liability coverage?
  • Contingencies – what happens if they find any unexpected problems and/or costs?
  • Work Crew – will the services be provided by their own staff or by sub-contractors?
  • References – are they prepared/able to share feedback from other jobs/customers?
  • Safety – are the members of their crew fully trained and certified to work at heights?

Throughout the process of evaluating any roofing contractor, homeowners should also be aware of so-called ‘red flags’ that they may encounter along the way; any of these alerts should raise serious concerns/doubts about the trustworthiness of that particular roofer. The most common reasons for unease would consist of:

  • Attitude – speaking in a patronizing or superior tone; openly critical of competitors
  • Discourtesy – poor/tardy communication/follow-up; use of unprofessional language
  • Overselling – too hasty to recommend that a full roof replacement is the sole option
  • Limitations – reluctant to discuss alternatives to a ‘preferred’ type of asphalt shingle
  • Too Good to Be True – submitting a price/quote that is significantly below all others
  • Bending the Rules – offering to start work prior to an insurance provider’s approval
  • Process Issues – assuming repair needs and quoting costs without onsite inspection

Although this might seem like a tedious and time-consuming effort, such research can be completed over a fairly short period of time, probably within the same business day; this investment of time will pay handsomely in terms of hiring the roofing contractor with the experience, skills, and reputation to meet the homeowner’s needs and budget.  One such certified roofer in Toronto and the GTA that can satisfy these criteria is Integrity Roofers.

A Comprehensive Range of Services from a Leading Toronto Roofing Contractor

Roofer Measuring Roof

Integrity Roofers recognizes and respects the importance of customer satisfaction when the need arises for roof repair or replacement service.  For more than 20 years, Integrity Roofers has strived to develop and maintain its reputation as a leading roofing contractor in Toronto and the surrounding area.

These professional roofers provide a comprehensive range of services for both residential and commercial property owners, including:

  • Installations
    • Flat Roofs
    • Slate Roofs
    • Shingle Roofs
    • Eavestroughing
    • Siding and Skylights
  • Roof Repairs and Replacement
    • Leaks/Shingle Damage
    • Flat Roofing Membranes
    • Eavestroughing Systems
    • Snow and Ice Dam Removal
    • Attic Sealing, Insulation, Ventilation
  • Diagnostics
    • Roof Inspections
    • Infrared Thermal Imaging

For further information about Integrity Roofers and what homeowners can expect when they choose the roof repair and replacement services offered by this experienced roofing contractor, please go to our About Integrity Roofers page.

Looking for the right roofing contractor in Toronto and the GTA? Call the specialists at Integrity Roofers today at 416-639-0779 or Contact us to request your professional estimate.

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