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Why Summer is the Best Time for Commercial Flat Roof Repairs

Why Summer is the Best Time for Commercial Flat Roof Repairs

May 10, 2021

Never ignore a commercial flat roof repair, trouble comes in many forms, and it can be costly. Your commercial flat roof is the most important asset of your business; it keeps your staff warm and dry and provides a safe environment. The best time for a commercial flat roof replacement in Toronto is in the spring and summer. More to the point, the summer is the best time for any work topside, and that is why commercial roofing services encourage their customers to do the work between May and September.

6 Reasons Why Summer is Ideal for Commercial Flat Roof Repairs

  1. Less Demand – In the spring, roofers tend to have a steady flow of work originating from the trials of the winter. When summer rolls around, roofers have less to do, and it is a quieter period during the business cycle. Conversely, in the winter, roofers are exceptionally busy making repairs in emergency situations to prevent catastrophic results for their customers. It makes sense to book any roofing work you need for the summer months as reputable contractors are waiting for your call.
  2. Easier Conditions – The degree of difficulty is drastically reduced when you have your building re-roofed in the summer. For commercial applications that require liquids to be applied to the roof surface, it is a prime period for drying the substances. The liquid is a necessary evil when installing a roof membrane on your commercial structure.
  3. Easier to Spot any Roofing Problems – In the summer, without snow or rain to interfere with the assessment, roofing problems are identified quickly. In optimal conditions, roofing work comes off without a hitch, as opposed to re-roofing a building in frigid temperatures.
  4. More Competitive Prices – The roofing business has its ebbs and flows, and as we mentioned, they are busy in the winter. When you book roofing work in the summer, a better price can be acquired as roofers have less work to do.
  5. Increased Efficiency – To get the roof your building so badly needs, book your contractor for summer work. They will have a better focus as they are less likely to be spread too thin due to the large volumes of work that come in the fall and winter months. Working in excellent conditions will show better results for the re-roofing work, and that bodes well for a roof’s longevity.
  6. Staying Ahead – Maintaining a reliable roofing maintenance schedule will alleviate costly repairs that come from waiting for something to go wrong. Summer repairs or roof replacements position your building ably to meet the challenges that winter weather presents at a fraction of the costs.

8 Things to Include in a Commercial Roof Maintenance Checklist

Remove Debris

Branches, sticks and other material that accumulates on your roof cause problems. If rocks and other materials are left to linger on a roof, they will cause damage to the membrane of the roofing system, setting in motion costly repairs in their wake. Preventative maintenance is the key here; an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutters need to free of impediments to perform their job, and that is to move water away from the roof to the downspouts and then to the ground away from the building. In the same way you remove debris from the roof, take the same approach when inspecting the rain gutters. Pooling water on a flat roof will find a way into the building, and that can have disastrous effects on the roofing system and building’s structure if water isn’t evicted from the roof. Water is extra weight that your roof wasn’t designed to support; once it sits for a while, it can cause the roof to destabilize and warp, creating support problems for the trusses and rafters. Let’s look at how water will affect your foundation. If water is allowed to pool at the foundation, it will loosen the dirt and cause faults in the foundation that create cracks that lead to water leaks in the facility’s lower levels.

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Ponding Is A Problem.

When you make a visual inspection of your roof, do you see discoloured areas scattered along the surface? If the answer is yes, you have a ponding problem, and it isn’t going away. The ponding indicated there are problems on the roof’s surface, and you need professional help to solve your roof’s problems.

Flashings Inspection

The flashing on the roof keeps water from getting below the roofline and into your facility. If the flashing has been correctly installed, they will lay flush with a reinforced roof membrane. The protective layer will create a better seal and help the roof deal with stressful situations that cause leaks and damage. There are three types of flashing installed on a roof’s surface – stack, curb and corner flashing – all serve different purposes, and they need extra attention when inspecting the roof. If one or more flashing seals aren’t flat on the roof, call a contractor right away to get the situation taken care of, flashing is the help a roof needs to keep water out.

Check the Vents

Airflow and ventilation are crucial for any roofing system. If the vents can’t recirculate air, they need the attention of your roofing contractor to rectify the matter immediately.

Mould Inspection

Mould is a health hazard, and it also affects your roofing system in ways that you never imagined. Moisture that gets under the roof’s skin is ripe for bacterial growth that we know as mould – it damages a roofing system – and, if fed by freshwater, will multiply without notice. A seasonal inspection by a roofing contractor will see them remove any mould or moss that may grow on the roof.

Branch Trimming

Trees are an excellent source of shade and comfort, but they threaten any roofing system. If the trees that line your property are too close to the building, falling branches caused by weather events can put your roofing system in peril. Let’s remember that trees shed leaves in the fall, and pine needs are forever dropping from trees, and they accumulate on the roof. Remove all overhanging branches from the trees over your roof and if your roof has sustained damage from a fallen branch, get your roofing contractor over for much-needed repair.

Interior Inspections

When you have a roofing contractor inspect your building, they will take a thorough approach that involves a tour through the inside of the building. Leaks or damage may difficult to spot on an exterior visual inspection. That is why a contractor will seek information inside the building to gauge the roofing system’s health.

Work with Professional Roofers for Commercial Roofing Maintenance

When you need a commercial roofing inspection and need a quality contractor to provide the work, look no further than Integrity Roofers. We have the experience and expertise to solve any of the problems that afflict your roof. Roof leaks, general maintenance and complete tear-off roof replacement are all within the scope of the work we do regularly for the last two decades. We welcome your questions and inquiries when you want to protect the roofing system’s integrity, and we will happily provide all the advice you need to keep it in stellar condition.

Get Comprehensive Commercial Roofing Services from the Experts

Maintaining your roof should be a top priority in the summer. It must withstand months of hot temperatures and be ready to take on the conditions of winter. To ensure your commercial flat roof is ready, it helps to get a twice-yearly inspection. A professional inspection will reassure you of three critical things:

  • Your roof’s structural integrity
  • The anticipated longevity
  • Any repairs are done right, preventing costly problems in the future

For a detailed assessment of your roofing needs, Integrity Roofers is your best bet. We use cutting-edge practices and industry-leading techniques to deliver quality commercial roofing solutions that last decades.

We have the resources and the expertise to diagnose your problems and provide practical solutions to prevent any additional issues. Our advice is unsurpassed, and our results speak for themselves.

To obtain the information you need to make the right choice, contact our office today at Integrity Roofers at 416-736-7373 for a professional estimate and inspection.

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