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Why Choose a Commercial Roofing Expert Over A Repair Contractor?

Why Choose a Commercial Roofing Expert Over A Repair Contractor?

April 27, 2020

Commercial building owners and operators know one thing; repairs are a constant challenge that they face regularly. A commercial flat roof repair will require commercial roofing services to address the problem. Many companies provide services for commercial roofing in Toronto, and a commercial flat roof replacement should be part of the service package. Leaks come at the worst of times, and if you don’t have a contractor on speed dial, you could spend untold hours searching for the right company to solve your roofing problems.

Reasons to Choose a Commercial Roofing Expert Over Repair Contractor

A commercial roofing expert will have a dedicated roofing service department that will take care of all the things that happen on your roof when service is needed. Google results aside; it comes down to the value that the commercial roofing expert brings to the table over a roof repair company. Here are the reasons why you need a roofing expert to protect your building

Roofing Experts Understand Roofing and Are Accountable

Roofing experts have two distinct departments, one for installations and one for repairs. And, whatever the problem you have topside, there is a system in place to remediate the problem. The institutional knowledge developed between the repair and installation department holds a great deal more value than a repair-only company.

The thing you must understand is the difference between a commercial roofing expert and a commercial roofing installer. An expert handles installation, maintenance plans, new roofing projects, and new construction. A roof installer’s sole purpose is to install a commercial roof. Often, they send out installers to perform repairs, even though they aren’t qualified to execute them.

Commercial Experts Know the Tried and True Methods That Work Best for The Long Haul.

The expert’s company – as mentioned, has two groups, repairs, and installation. The installation must meet stringent guidelines when installing a roofing system from a building code standpoint and warranty standpoint. If the work isn’t a warranty job, an inspection is unlikely. But roofing repair companies don’t think in terms of the overall scope of the work, get the project done is the mantra. There is much to be said about best-practices in the roofing industry. The level of quality service will impact any roofing work at your facility and extend a roof’s life.

Commercial Roofing Experts Know About Your Roof, No Matter What Type It Happens to Be

Commercial roofing experts are the Swiss Army Knife of roof repairs when they are needed. After a decade or two servicing roofing problems, they have intimate knowledge of your roofing system and the type of issues that occur. When you hire a commercial expert, you can expect them to be adept in the following areas of commercial roofing: low-slope, steep-slope single-ply, metal, tile, slate, and vegetative roofs. Their background in roofing systems should extend from TPO, EPDM, asphalt, and tar and gravel.

Commercial Roofing Experts Have the Right Technicians for The Job

Roofing problems stump other guys, but not the commercial roofing expert. They employ the best technicians on the market. If the service tech can’t solve the problem, it will be escalated to a more senior team member of the team to create the solution. The senior staff member will hold certifications that are relevant to the issue at hand, and their deep-seated knowledge is where they shine.

Experts Know How Different Roofing Systems Work Together

A commercial roofing system, generally, has more than one roofing system laid on the roof. If your building has seen an expansion, you could see two or more roofing systems that are united in the challenge of keeping your building safe and secure. Finding leaks is the first problem; determining the repair of the leak is the next as it works with the different roofing systems. A roofing expert will take a whole problem approach when detailing the type of repair and materials needed for the work.

The Knowledge and Recommendations of A Full-Service Commercial Roofing Service Is Helpful

Continuity in roofing work is essential to maintaining a healthy roofing system. Use a contractor who you trust. Using the same contractor many times adds to the value of the roofing expert. He inherently knows where and when problems will arise and take proactive action to prevent small issues from growing.

Roofing Experts Work Smarter and Faster

In business, time is money. In the roofing business, a big part of the expense is in labour costs required to carry out repairs. Sure, materials are costly, but when combined with a less qualified roofing contractor, the costs soar. Using a roofing expert for problems with your building means a fast and on-budget project is completed. When the roofing expert is familiar with your structure, he will know where the leaks are coming from and where the next leak is bound to surface. Some roofers will compile a dossier for a regular customer to help with long-term maintenance management as it relates to the roof’s health and well-being.

Commercial Roofers Want Your Trust

In any long-term commercial venture, relationship building is at the heart of everything that happens. A commercial roofing expert sees the long view, and with every encounter – whether it is a re-roof or a small repair – they know the value of quality workmanship on every project.

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