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The Best Options for Toronto ON Commercial Roofing Materials

The Best Options for Toronto ON Commercial Roofing Materials

October 29, 2019

Protecting your investment in your commercial building is one that will test your decision-making abilities. Knowing what your structure needs and when is the test of any successful building manager. It takes a great deal of consultation to make a solid decision that will be cost-effective and serve as a solution. When roofing materials need to be determined, reach out to roofing companies with expertise in commercial roofing solutions. Toronto roofing companies can provide information that will be important for your review.

Materials to consider

Choosing the right materials for your commercial property means that you rely on advice from a selection of roofing companies in Toronto that you feel will align with your needs. Single-ply membranes come in three different types, and flat-roofing companies in Toronto will be able to explain the benefits of each for your specific situation. A built-up roofing system is another choice you can make based on the type of building you have and the needs of the roofing system. Modified bitumen is a solid choice for any structure, and it will perform well in many different scenarios. One thing to keep in mind, you need a perfect installation to take advantage of the benefits that each system offers.

New technology in the roofing industry

New technology in the roofing business has led to the development of single-ply membrane covers for a commercial building. For the membrane solutions, EPDM, TPO, and PVC dominate the market based on the durability and longevity they provide for commercial building owners. Other solutions that buildings can incorporate in there roofing plans include a built-up and modified bitumen roofing systems. An EPDM roofing system is geared to last for 22-35-years. A TPO system has a shelf life that ranges from 22-30-years, and a PVC solution comes in at 12-30-years in length for service. A spray foam roofing system will last for three decades at the minimum, while modified bitumen will provide a lifespan of 20-years. Any roofing company in Toronto will be able to assess your needs based on your building use, so take the time to consult a roofing contractor for any questions you have.

How a roofing system comes together

A roofing system, at first glance, is a long piece of material that covers an opening at the top of a building. But, there is more to a roofing system, and it contains essential groups of flat roof materials. A structural deck supports the product installed, and a vapour control barrier repels moisture, insulation, and a waterproof membrane to seal the roofing system. The material used for the construction of a roofing system can vary greatly. In the main, the building design and use will dictate the type of materials used. The purpose of the roof is a crucial question when a new commercial roof is what is required. Storage is an example and how the roof will protect the contents of the building. Humidity plays a role in roofing materials, as does energy-efficiency when you look at costs going forward. A new roof is a significant expenditure, and a budget tempers it. Your contractor will be able to sort out your needs based on your capacity to pay for the roofing system for your building.

Dealing with challenges

Depending on where the building is located, the climate will play a role in a flat roof replacement. A hot, dry climate will command a flat roofing system installed based on the many features it provides. To make the most of your replacement dollars, you need a roofing system that will withstand UV rays, rain, high winds, and any other severe weather events that pass through your region. When you review the energy-efficiency question, it is vital to install a roof that will keep your building cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It serves a two-fold purpose: reduction in energy bills and employee comfort is improved in a stable environment. EPDM and TPO offer the best ratings for energy-efficiency and are in demand for building operators that take environmental responsibility seriously.

Before you consider any roofing configurations for your building, take time out to meet with a professional commercial flat roofing contractor to determine what solutions work best for your building.

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