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Reasons to Choose a Professional for Single Ply Membrane Flat Roof Work

Reasons to Choose a Professional for Single Ply Membrane Flat Roof Work

December 29, 2019

A commercial flat roof repair isn’t a weekend DIY project. As a business operator and building owner, you have a substantial investment in your building, and a professional, commercial flat roof repair services contractor should complete all roof repairs in Toronto. If you seek information on the Internet, many DIY videos instill a false sense of confidence for a flat roof repair in Toronto. We can’t stress enough that any roof repairs in Toronto need the expertise and experience of proven roofing professionals. People who lack basic roofing knowledge about roof leak repair will do more harm than good on the roof.

Using your browser, you can look up steps to repair a single-ply membrane flat roof for a roofing repair in Toronto. But it would help if you had a professional. Someone who is proficient, that has the skill and knowledge to know what to do when problems arise. A commercial flat roof repair in North York demands a high level of ability and experience to get the repair right the first time.

When you hire us at Integrity Roofers for single-ply membrane flat roof repair, know that we check all the boxes for experience, ability, and expertise to service your roofing problems.

Why Hire Professionals for Single Ply Membrane Flat Roof Repairs?

They have a solid reputation in the community:

They offer warranties, guarantees, and experience:

Signs That Your Flat Roofing Membrane Needs Servicing

Cracks in the flat roof membrane

  • A contractor will clean the area thoroughly where the break originates. Any old caulking or debris will be taken from the structure before a specialty cleaner – say for an EPDM roofing system – is applied to get all the grit off the area. Next, a patch is applied to the area to seal the crack to prevent water leaks from occurring. If you have an asphalt or modified bitumen roof, the damaged section will be extracted and a new piece of material inserted in the area.
    A PVC roof repair is uncommon, but in the event a repair needs to be made, it is a simple task for a contractor to perform. A patch will be cut to fit the cracked area; next, the contractor will use an air welder and a roller to help with the adhesion process. Once the patch is affixed securely, you have a crack repair done in no time at a small cost.

Blisters or flat roof bubbles

  • Blistering will occur when there are air or moisture bubbles in the layers of the membrane roof system. The blistering will create a spider web crack on the roof and open the roof to the elements. The contractor will cut away the areas that are infected until he finds a layer of the membrane that has adhesion to the roof decking. Then a membrane patch material will be applied to the area, and consequently, it will be the same amount that was cut away from the roof’s surface.
    If you notice bubbles on your roof, the adhesive used to seal the membrane to the surface wasn’t permitted to ‘gas off’ and become dry. Gas was released, and bubbles formed under the membrane layer. The repair for this is another simple task for a professional roofer. He will cut the bubbles at both ends, allowing the gas to be released. Then a cut from end to end is administered, a patch is placed over the affected area, and the bubbles are gone.

Leaks and interior water stains

  • Seeing leaks and water stains in your building is trouble with a capital T. But, the problem comes when you start looking for the origin of the hole. Generally, the problem comes from ponding. Ponding occurs when standing water has been sitting on a roof for 48-hours in succession. On the roof, the contractor will start with the area that is discoloured first, to determine where the leak began. The problem with leaks is that they can come from anywhere.
    Water will travel the path of least resistance, and the leak could be on the other side of the building. The stain is where the water drained out. A thorough roof inspection by a roofing contractor should lead to the identification of the leaky area, and steps will be taken to correct the problem.

The worst thing you can do when you have roof leaks is to tackle the problem on your own. Roofing professionals are experts in the field of repairs, and they know how to fix a problem. If you attempt a repair, you could be compounding problems. That will cost more in the long run when you call a contractor to fix the problem. Your roof is a significant investment, and at Integrity Roofers, we understand how vital that investment is to your business.

Let us help protect your business with timely roof repair when you need it. For an emergency service call and professional estimate, please call our office today at Integrity Roofers at 647.557.5841 (emergencies) or 647.953.9365.

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