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Commercial Property Owner’s Guide: Restoring Vs. Replacing

Commercial Property Owner’s Guide: Restoring Vs. Replacing

June 5, 2022

Commercial roofing contractors identify commercial roofing trends to create data-driven commercial roofing solutions. This industry evolution has given pause to building owners and property managers, and the roofing industry has responded with new products and new techniques for roof maintenance and upkeep. The key to success is maintaining proactive vigilance for any roofing system and the development of a semi-annual maintenance inspection plan to deal with minor problems before they become expensive solutions at a later date. Extending a commercial roof’s lifespan creates cost control, which is highly desirable when managing expenses.

Can Your Commercial Roofing be Repaired?

Commercial roof leaks are inevitable; Mother Nature and other factors conspire to work against a commercial roofing system. It is how you respond to the small problems that determine the outcome. Water leaks cause slip-and-fall accidents, leaks cause mould issues, damaged equipment and inventory pays the price, insect and vermin infestation wreck havoc, and strange noises from your roof also contribute to a lack of roof well-being. If you have identified any of the previously mentioned symptoms, contact a commercial roofing contractor immediately.

Where is Your Commercial Roofing Leak Coming From?


Roof penetrations are any hole cut into the roof’s structure for HVAC or any other addition to the roof. These auditions are the roof’s weakest point and an opening for water to enter your building. The seals must be monitored – to maintain a watertight seal – so you reduce the level of vulnerability to water leaks. A regular maintenance inspection should be all the protection you need going forward, as it will detect problems early and save money on expensive repairs in the long run.


Can be problematic for any roofing system. It doesn’t matter if the system is a built-up roofing system, a single-ply or two-ply roof. The seams are a sign of weakness that, when exposed to the elements, will degrade over time. The fasteners that hold the seams in place can loosen and be the cause of a water leak or general wear-and-tear that erodes the efficiency of the fasteners, and detecting the problem requires regular routine inspections.

Ponding Water

Standing water on a roof, also known as ponding, occurs after rain due to the fact that the roof can’t drain the accumulation of water. Ponding creates premature degradation of a roofing system, and that causes leaks before expectation.

Membrane Failure

With a single-ply or two-ply roofing system, you can expect the membrane to tear or split over time. Nothing lasts forever, But it is how you respond to the problem that prevents leaks and major roof damage. Thaw, re-freeze, wind and debris all contribute to membrane damage, and it is important to stay on top of roofing problems before they grow into outsized monster problems.

Restoration Is the New Replacement Alternative

Your roofing system is about to age out, and you have poured 1000s of dollars into repairs, and you are dreading the cost of a complete rip-off and replacement. Before you start living the gloom and doom scenario, you have another option, RESTORATION. A roof restoration can bring your roof back into watertight warranty status. One thing to keep in mind, not all roofs can be restored. If your insulation is completely soaked, for example, your roof isn’t a candidate for a restoration.

Commercial Roofing Restoration Vs. Replacement

Restoration Is Less Expensive

A roof can be saved, and the life left in the roofing system can save almost half the cost of a complete re-roof.

Restoration Extends Roof Lifespan

A roof restoration can bring your roof back into watertight warranty status.

Eco-Friendly And Sustainable

When you aren’t ripping your entire roofing system off, you aren’t filling the local landfill with debris. This provides a better environmental outcome, and you are using less material that must be created, helping make your roof a sustainable structure.

Tax Benefits

When you restore your roof, your facility may be eligible for tax credits when you file taxes. Your accountant will be able to tell you what you qualify for depending on the investment you make in your roof.

Catastrophic Loss Prevention

A roof failure puts your entire business in jeopardy, inventory, equipment, and your biggest asset, your people. A restoration that is less disruptive than a complete rip-off, will prevent loss of inventory and time, and will protect staff against injury.

Commercial Roofing Replacement Is Not One Size Fits All

Once your commercial roofing system degrades to such an extent it has outlived its lifespan, a restoration is no longer the answer. A complete replacement is the only solution to the problems topside. There are many factors to consider when replacement is necessary like climate, building structure and desired warranty for the work and project. With the technological development of roofing systems, there is a system for every building type and it is important to purchase a system that is compatible with the needs of the building and type of building.

Commercial Roofing Trends in 2022

More Eco-Friendly Roofing

All businesses are moving to reduce their carbon footprint using green materials that come from sustainable sources and the roofing business is part of the green shift. Over one third of energy use is centred on buildings, and over one third of emissions come from buildings. This has generated concern from industry leaders and opinion shapers, and the roofing industry has a role to play. Using recycled materials, or green living roofs are two areas where the industry can make a difference. Consumers are seeing the benefits and have moved towards greening their structures as a matter of course and for environmental stewardship. Two roofing systems that have taken the industry by storm are metal and solar. Metal systems are functional, have a long life span, and are recyclable. Also, they look great. Solar shingles are the newest thing, as they transfer energy to the home for use, cutting down on energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

Increased Usage of Technology

The roofing industry is embracing technology, like every industry and through the use of drones, they are capitalizing on new technology. Drones help highlight problems on the roof and customers feel more part of the process when they can see digital evidence that depicts problems before a contractor starts talking about solutions. The pandemic has demanded adjustments in all fields, and the roofing industry will adapt and evolve keeping up with the new trends, and the businesses that do will maintain relevance in the marketplace.

Integrity Roofers Offers Consulting Services

Commercial Property Owner’s Guide: Restoring Vs. Replacing At Integrity Roofers, our reputation is renowned in roofing circles as experts in our field. Our advice is highly-prized and sought after all across the Greater Toronto Area, and we can help you make cogent decisions for roof restoration, roof replacement or the greening of your roofing system, we provide a comprehensive analysis of your current roofing system, the life left in it, a look at future problems, cost associated to mitigate current/future problems, work as your advocate during the construction process, and as a consultant during the insurance claim process. Our work spans asset management as a roof is a building’s primary asset, and we help with bid management when work is required for your facility. For a free estimate fill out the form or call our office today at Integrity Roofers at 416.736.7373

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