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Do I Need To Replace My Entire Commercial Roof?

Do I Need To Replace My Entire Commercial Roof?

October 11, 2019

When the decision had been made, a commercial flat roof replacement makes good sense. Commercial flat roofing systems are designed to last between two and three decades, and a commercial flat roof replacement in North York is the cost of doing business. External factors will govern whether roof replacement services are necessary, and it starts with wear and tear.

Repairs can be done on any roof, but it isn’t the great panacea it is made out to be. There will be times when it is prudent for commercial flat roof replacement services to be enacted. It comes down to death by a thousand cuts when you think about repairing an old roofing system. Small expenses become large expenditures over time, and it is better to bite the bullet.

Factors that Influence Commercial Roof Replacement

Toronto roof replacement services will eliminate problems, and it is best to assess your situation before you engage in any work on the roof. The age-old question comes to mind: Is it always necessary to replace the roof? Let’s look at the factors that will influence the decision.

  • Leaks play a prominent role in a roof’s structural integrity. If you have a small leak at the flashing, a simple patch can get you out of the problem. If many areas are in distress, your roof might not be able to support multiple repairs due to weakness. To keep your repair budget intact, you should look at replacing your roof instead of repairing it every few months.
  • If the contractor you have hired for your roofing work has installed incorrect materials or installed them poorly, this is a problem. Once this problem is detected, there is only one way out of the problem, and that is a complete rip-out. To ensure the performance of your roofing system, repairs will only do so much and will eventually fail over a short time. A complete roof renovation will be an excellent choice here. You can update the roof with better, more efficient materials, and improved workmanship.
  • There are some alternatives to consider when looking at your roofing problems. If the roof is in decent shape and has a few problem areas, think in terms of patching those sections. If you have expensive equipment at risk or your office is peril from water leaks – re-skin those areas for protection. In this instance, you need to keep a vigilant eye on the roofing system and take preventative measures like regular inspections.
  • A rule of thumb that determines repair versus replacement goes like this: If your roof has more than 25 percent damage, it makes sense for a financial point of view to replace the roof. A one-time payout to protect your building is a small price to pay to keep your building operational.

Things to Consider Before Replacing a Commercial Flat Roof

Do I Need To Replace My Entire Commercial Roof? The key here is resource allocation. When your roof is showing signs of decay, why not have the crew create a longer-term solution for the building. It is one less problem to deal with. After a rainstorm, inspect your building, inside and out. If you see water stains inside, you know there is a leak outside.

The more watermarks you see, the greater your problem, and the higher the cost of a roof repair/replacement. If you have hired a contractor to keep your roof in good condition, make sure he schedules regular inspections for your roof. Problems detected early, come with simple and inexpensive solutions. Flashing and attachment points are crucial for a roof’s health.

They need to be reviewed at least every three months based on the age of the roof. Cracking or crumbling is a big problem for roof joints. If these problems are identified, they need to be documented for repair. The contractor should be investigating for leaks, punctures, and premature aging that will afflict a worn down roof. Before you decide on a roof replacement or repair, consult with a roofing contractor. They will see problems you don’t and will have the knowledge to tell how long the roof will last in its current condition. Then you can decide if a partial roof replacement or a full replacement is necessary.

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