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Signs Pointing to the Need for a Roof Replacement

Signs Pointing to the Need for a Roof Replacement

February 5, 2017

Homeowners Might Need a Roof Replacement Prior to an Apparent Roof Leak

Many homeowners can likely recall scenes from movies or television programs in which a person or family is sitting among numerous buckets distributed about the floor while the sounds of dripping water are heard in the background. Such a scene is customarily used to suggest that the property owner has a leak, or several leaks, within their roof system that have obviously been ignored or neglected.

Although this representation might be a little exaggerated, any apparent signs of a water leak or other water-related damage would clearly suggest to the homeowner that a roof replacement could be in their imminent future. These homeowners can almost certainly conclude that water has been seeping through one (or more) spots in their roof for quite some time and, because water has a capability to travel, it is conceivable that significant damage has occurred before any obvious signs actually appeared.

However, in addition to direct evidence of a leak, there are many other signs that a roof, especially an asphalt shingle roof, may need the attention and services of a professional roofing company such as Integrity Roofers in Toronto. Some of these signs will be more easily detectable while others will be rather obscured or hidden, but they can all point to the eventuality of a roof replacement.

Here are some common signs and reasons why homeowners might need a new roof:

  • Aging – the average lifespan of asphalt shingles is 20 to 25 years
  • Damaged shingles – curled, buckled, or cracked, or sections missing
  • Granule accumulation in gutters due to deterioration of asphalt shingles
  • Moisture in attic/wet insulation, indicative of a problem with attic ventilation
  • Loose flashing around chimney or skylights – caulking has become ineffective
  • Moss or mildew (dark stains) – shingles below may be lifted off the roof surface
  • Deteriorating masonry or cracks in foundation from prolonged water intrusion
  • Compromised valleys – may be from corrosion or damage to neighbouring shingles

Based on signs like those described above, it should be apparent that noticeable leaks or water intrusion are not the only reasons that a homeowner might need a new roof; there can be damage to the roofing material and/or other areas of a roof system that can also be the source of impending problems. Regular roof inspections, completed at least once and preferably twice annually, can identify one or more issues that advocate the need for a roof replacement well before the appearance of any actual leaks or water damage.

Regular Inspection Can Find Signs Pointing to the Need for a Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement In Toronto Sometimes, a professional roof inspection by a reputable roofing company like Integrity Roofers can identify issues early enough that the homeowner can avoid the cost of a new roof. And due to the seasonal weather extremes experienced across the Greater Toronto Area, roof inspections are recommended in the spring and the fall in order to ensure that local homeowners and their families are well-protected from the ensuing rain storms and snow falls respectively.

Although roof inspections can be completed by the homeowner, the use of a professional roofing company such as Integrity Roofers is strongly recommended. This will eliminate any potential risk of injury to the homeowner, particularly those who are not comfortable working at heights, while also providing the opportunity to have an experienced observer assess the entire roof system for conditions or issues that might not be readily apparent.

Integrity Roofers will conduct a thorough, and free, onsite roof assessment to determine if a full replacement is needed or whether the cost of a new roof can be avoided through localized repairs. In cases where roof replacement is the best course of action, Integrity Roofers will ensure that:

  • All underlying conditions are addressed prior to the replacement
  • The new roof is installed according to all manufacturer guidelines
  • The roof installation will be done by qualified and fully-insured staff
  • Property owners can choose from a wide variety of roofing materials
  • The new roof is covered by product warranties/workmanship guarantees

For additional information on the roof replacement services offered by the experts from Integrity Roofers for residential property owners within Toronto and its surrounding area, please visit our Roof Replacement page.

Integrity Roofers has over 20 years of roof installation and roof replacement experience. For dependable roofing services, including inspection, installation, and replacement, Call the professionals at Integrity Roofers today at 416-639-0779 or Contact us to obtain a free assessment.

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