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5 Critical Signs You Need an Immediate Commercial Roofing Restoration

5 Critical Signs You Need an Immediate Commercial Roofing Restoration

December 10, 2019

A commercial flat roof repair can be debilitating for any business and demands commercial flat roof repair services. A leaky roof, no matter how small, constitutes a commercial flat roof repair in Toronto, no questions asked. Restoring a flat roof to its high-performance status is work best assigned to Toronto roofers. They are easily accessible, and you can vet their previous work. A small flat roof repair in Toronto can prevent further damage that the weather and climate can cause when it impacts the roof’s weakened state. Water is the scourge of any roofing problem, and it can create undue risk and hazard for the occupants of the building.

At Integrity Roofing, we are the experts in commercial flat roofing in Toronto, and our decades of experience have made us experts in roof leak repair. Our deep understanding of roofing problems has lifted us to the pantheon for Toronto roof repairs. The biggest challenge when identifying a Toronto roof repair recognizes the signs that cause a roofing repair in Toronto. Short-term or quick fix roof repairs in Toronto won’t prevent further damage, and you are kicking the can down the road.

Usual Causes of Roofing Damage

Poor installation

  • When you hire a commercial roofing company to assess your problems and provide solutions, you are dependent on their level of expertise. That means they must be capable of repairing or installing the product you have purchased. Shoddy installation or a lack of knowledge about the product will start problems, and they will compound over time.

Faulty rainwater management and gutters

  • Low spots on a flat roof will create a problem called ‘ponding.’ That means water accumulates at the low spots and doesn’t move – 48 hours is the timeline here. When water sits, it finds a place to drain, usually in a crack or crevice. Another problem is poor drainage because the drain spouts have debris clogging the outlets. Water comes to a standstill and becomes a problem. In the winter, water re-freezes and creates a weight problem for the roof, creating more difficulties.

Roof membrane damage

  • As mentioned, the extra weight a roof must bear will put a strain on the roof’s membrane. When the problem exists, and no solution is provided – mainly because the problem isn’t identified – it will be the undoing of the membrane. In the winter, cracks will ensue, and in milder temperatures, the water will seep into the roofing system. Once the membrane is cracked, the split can run the entire length or width of a roof, and then a roof replacement is the only solution.

Natural wear and tear

  • You can do all the preventative maintenance in the world on your commercial roof, but Father Time is undefeated. Wear and tear, and old age will catch up with any roofing system. As a rule of thumb, a roofing system, if well cared for will last 30-years. If you are approaching that milestone, you should expect to replace your roofing system as a matter of course, as the cost of doing business. Climate and weather will be your nemesis, and you can only forestall their effects for so long.

Knowledge is power, and once you have been empowered with the information that surrounds roofing problems, you can best deal with the issues as they arise.

Signs Indicating the Need for a Commercial Roofing Maintenance

Ceiling and wall stains

  • Once discovered, there two indicators that will tell you in no uncertain terms that there is a leak present in your roofing system. It is the precursor of roof repair, and if a roof repair isn’t done, a roof replacement will be the order of the day. The stains say that the membrane or the matte system has been breached. Then, water is flowing freely – whether as a trickle or a stream – into your building.

Cracked or peeling paint

  • When you see your paint blistering or peeling, it will tell you unequivocally that there is water damage to the walls from a leaky roof. Water will embed itself in the paint layer and push it off the surface. It will say that the leak problem is now critical as the water is making its way to the ground.

Spot sagging

  • A roof that has too much weight to bear will begin to sag. This occurs for two reasons: water isn’t draining from your roof, and the extra weight is putting undue pressure on the joists or the joist themselves have been compromised by water leaks creating spongy supports. The weakened condition of the supports affects structural support, and that is a bad sign.

A moldy smell

  • Mold is the byproduct of water leaks that have festered for some time. The water in the areas where mold has grown hasn’t completed dried, creating a petri dish for bacteria to grow. Black mold can kill, and once the mold is discovered, environmental specialists, who are trained to handle the dangerous substance, must remove it.

Internal puddles or drips

Invasive water dripping inside a building creates puddles, which means a gaping hole or holes on the roof. Water will drain inside the building, creating a dangerous situation. A roofing contractor will be required to investigate the extent of the damage and determine if a repair is possible or a roof replacement is needed.

Seeing water discolouration internally in your building means roof repairs provided by a professional commercial roofing company is your next step. Sagging is a visible sign that water is in the roof structure, and a repair is a right now necessity. Certainly, a DIY solution is to apply a sealant to the area or areas that have been affected. But, it is not a long-term answer to the problem. Patchwork solutions are no solutions at all and will create erosion of a roof membrane that translates into enormous costs for a building owner.

The best choice to make when you have discovered roof leaks is to contact a roofing contractor like us at Integrity Roofers. We have the solutions to your problems and will prosecute them in a professional manner that creates long-term solutions.

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