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7 Problems Caused by Not Cleaning Your Gutters

7 Problems Caused by Not Cleaning Your Gutters

February 14, 2022

As a homeowner, you have chores to service and gutter cleaning is one that isn’t top of mind, though it should be. When your gutters are impacted by debris, eavestrough cleaning is the way to keep the gutters open and water flowing to its desired destination. There are companies that specialize in gutter cleaning in Toronto, and it is best to let the experts handle the work because they are experts. Cleaning out the channels that run water from your roof is a messy job, and the gutters are filled with sediment that makes for an awful mess. Climbing a ladder is a hazard in and of itself and requires training to engage in safely. Let’s think about something, if you don’t clean your gutters, what do you think will happen? Flooding in areas of your home that you didn’t think of is where you are susceptible to water, and the damage that water creates is an expense that can be avoided when keeping your gutters clear. At Integrity Roofers, we would like to highlight the problems attributed to clogged gutters, and throughout this article, you can learn how to avoid situations that blocked gutters create.

Issues Caused by Clogged Gutters

Substantial Roof Damage

Water is the scourge of any roofing system, and it will be a roof’s undoing when not adequately dealt with. Water in your eavestrough that is stagnant will impact your roof in many ways. First and foremost, water in contact with your roof’s edge will erode the integrity of the wood that it contacts. Over time, the wood will rot and create a spongy surface that allows water to be absorbed, creating a weakness in the wood panels that are part of the decking for the roof’s structure. If the contact continues without preventative measures, the decking will need to be replaced to protect the entire roof structure.

Damage to Wood and Fascia

Water is heavy, make no mistake about that – and when it sits in your gutters, it exerts a force of 3.8KG per 3.7L of water. Your gutters aren’t designed to support that amount of weight for extended periods. Water rushing through the channels exerts little in the way of weight as it is dispensed through the gutter network, but standing water cannot be supported by traditional gutters. The strain that water creates on the gutters impacts the fascia, and the weight will pull the fascia away from the side of the house, creating an opening for water to enter your roofing system. The wood that makes up the fascia will experience damage and rot when left to elements and will create more maintenance work for your roof at an astronomical cost.

Damage to Walls, Windows, Doors and Patios

When water is evacuated over the gutters due to clogs, it will fall on whatever is beneath it. The walls, windows, doors and patio weren’t designed to accept this kind of deluge, and the problems only escalate from here. We have mentioned how water damages everything it touches; think about replacing windows or repairing/replacing a patio with understanding the issues and costs water damage creates. The downspouts attached to homes are critical to water drainage, and when the downspouts can’t receive the water from clogged gutters, they fail to work effectively to protect your home’s infrastructure.

Damage to Foundation and Landscaping

Your foundation is the base for your building, and it can be compromised by water damage. It works like this; as water erodes the dirt that supports the foundation, it causes the foundation to shift, causing cracks where water can enter. Once water enters your home through the foundation, the cracks become more extensive, and the foundation’s structural integrity is jeopardized. If the foundation can’t support the house that sits on it, the home can list, creating a dangerous situation. Your landscaping around the home will suffer irreparable harm when it is hit with cascading water. Think of watering your plants, trees and other fauna with a fire hose on full blast instead of a garden hose. Soil erosion leads to all sorts of problems like a lack of support for the foundation and the loss of aesthetic value that landscaping provides.

Increased Chances of Slips and Falls

When water cascades from a clogged gutter, it turns up in the most unlikely places, like walkways, driveways and doorways. If you don’t notice water pooling or puddling in these areas, you can slip and fall, and physical injuries result. Maintaining your gutters and keeping the downspouts clear will create a safer environment around your home, and that is why you want to keep your gutters and downspouts clear.

Pest Infestation

Water is a petri dish for many things like mould and mildew, but it is a breeding ground for pests that you would sooner not host at your home. Water will allow many different types of bugs to breed, think mosquitoes and the diseases they transmit, and you will understand why you don’t have water accumulating in your gutters. Cockroaches and earwigs will find a home in water-clogged gutters and create a huge problem when trying to get rid of them. Pest control professionals will need to be consulted, and chemicals used to eviscerate the problem not just once. But several times to get the larvae as they hatch after the initial problem has been treated.

Driveway Issues

As mentioned, downspouts have a critical job moving water away from the home. If water is allowed to drain across your driveway, it creates a perfect storm for damage to occur. The added weight of the water driving across your driveway will affect the driveway causing cracks and the driveway to heave when out of alignment. Once the water has penetrated a driveway, colder temperatures will force the water to a solid and cause the cracks to open into gaping holes. The costs of a driveway repair or a new driveway become prohibitive at that point.

Gutter Clogs Are No Problem for Integrity Roofers

7 Problems Caused by Not Cleaning Your Gutters Protection of your essential asset – your home – has never been more critical. That is why regular gutter cleanings are critical to any home. At Integrity Roofers, we offer this service as part of a suite of roofing services that will extend the life of your roofing system and protect your property too. When you need a gutter cleaning, we will bring our equipment, get to the source of your problems, and perform the simple yet important task of unclogging your gutter. Gutter cleaning should be part of a regular maintenance schedule for your roofing system whether you operate a commercial structure or you are a homeowner. The gutters and downspouts should be cleaned twice a year, and a roof inspection should accompany each cleaning. Reach out to the professionals at Integrity Roofers for all the help you need keeping your gutters and downspouts clean and moving water as they should. For a professional estimate for the work, please fill out our estimate form and will supply a quote for the job. For more information on maintaining your gutters in excellent condition, please call our office today at Integrity Roofers at 647.953.9365.

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