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Clean Your Gutters Before the Harsh Winter Weather Arrives

Clean Your Gutters Before the Harsh Winter Weather Arrives

November 5, 2016

Reasons to Hire a Professional Eavestrough Cleaning Service before the Winter

For the most part, eavestroughing or gutters will operate as expected with no prompting from a homeowner; they merely collect water from the roof of a home and carry it away from the exterior walls and foundation on an as-needed basis year-round, regardless of whether the family is home or out, awake or asleep. Such systems are the ideal standby or on-demand contractors, so to speak; whenever there is any rainfall or melting snow, they are already in place and prepared to take action instantaneously.

Of course, there are many periods of time when gutter systems are simply not required to carry out their basic function; the heat and lack of rainfall in Toronto during the recent summer would be a prime example. However, due to their fixed installation, gutters just cannot be removed and stored until they are needed again; this means that they must remain exposed to the elements year-round also, which in turn can subject them to the collection and compacting of dirt and debris that may adversely affect their performance when called upon next.

This dirt/debris can have major repercussions on the integrity of the building envelope. If these substances are not cleaned out on a regular basis, at least twice and up to four times per year, the movement of any water through the system can be inhibited by the accumulation, causing the water to remain in the gutters instead. If/as that volume of water continues to increase, it will eventually overflow the gutters and consequently lead to extensive and likely costly damage to one or more of these areas of the home:

  • Attic/insulation
  • Soffits and fascia
  • Roof deck and shingles
  • Interior walls and ceilings
  • Foundation/exterior masonry
  • Siding; door and window frames

Therefore, despite the remarkable summer weather enjoyed by the residents of Toronto and the GTA this year, conditions may not have been the best for the natural flushing of their eavestroughs. This makes a fall gutter cleaning imperative, especially since harsh weather is being predicted for the winter ahead – more snow and ice and even colder air temperatures than last winter.

It will be particularly important to perform the gutter cleaning before winter weather sets in; some issues that can/will occur if fall gutter cleaning is left unattended would include:

  • Residual water can freeze – added weight can cause gutters to loosen or fall
  • As water freezes, it expands – this can cause gutters to warp, seams to open
  • Water may collect under shingles, leading to ice dams/impaired roof integrity

In addition to cleaning the gutters in the fall, there are other measures that homeowners can take to stop ice build-up throughout the winter; learn more about these preventative steps by visiting our Ways to Avoid Frozen Gutters page.

Gutter cleaning involves working at heights, which in turn requires the proper knowledge and equipment, and a keen attention to safety. To that end, some homeowners may not have the necessary tools to clean their gutters in an adequate fashion and/or they might be hesitant about working on a ladder or on a sloped surface, especially when conditions can be wet or slippery.

All such concerns can be alleviated by contracting the professional eavestrough cleaning services offered by Integrity Roofers. The experienced crews from Integrity Roofers can thoroughly clean even the most difficult-to-reach gutters in a safe and effective manner, thereby removing the personal risk for the homeowner and helping to avert the potential for roof damage, expensive repairs, or perhaps a full roof replacement over the winter.

More information on the benefits of using a professional eavestrough cleaning service for your Toronto residence is available at: Our Professional Gutter Cleaning Services page.

Installation Method, Choice of Material Are Part of Effective Gutter Maintenance

Ice Dam on Roof The efficiency of any gutter system is not based solely on maintaining a regular cleaning schedule throughout the year; as a reminder, a recommended gutter cleaning frequency is at least twice and perhaps as often as four times per year.

The installation and choice of material will also be factors in the effective eavestroughing maintenance; some of the important features that homeowners might want to consider when installing or replacing their eavestroughs will include:

  • Choice of material – aluminum or copper versus plastic
  • Correct slope – roughly ¼-inch per 10-12 feet of length
  • Seamless versus sectional gutters – lower risk of leaks
  • Thickness – higher-gauge material has a longer lifespan

Further information on gutter installation and maintenance practices may be obtained by reading our Essential Facts about Roof Gutters page.

Another essential facet in this overall process will be the choice of roofing company that will complete the installation/replacement. Integrity Roofers have been providing expert eavestrough installation, repair, and maintenance service for Toronto and area residents for over 20 years; throughout that time, Integrity Roofers have developed a reputation for prompt and reliable workmanship and customer service.

For dependable eavestrough service in Toronto, including cleaning, repair, installation, or replacement, Call the professionals from Integrity Roofers today at 416-639-0779 or Contact us to book your fall gutter cleanup before the harsh winter weather arrives.

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