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How do I find a qualified, professional roofer?

How do I find a qualified, professional roofer?

May 5, 2013

Finding a qualified roofer can be difficult. When the time comes to repair or replace your roof there is a lot to learn about which products to use and what procedures best meet your individual roofing needs. Therefore, it is vital to know that you can rely on the roofing contractor you choose to give you good, professional advice about those products and procedures that may be new to you. The key is to find the right roofing contractor for your job.

1.) Referrals are the best place to start. Ask a neighbor or friend who recently had his roof replaced about his roofing contractor and if he was happy with the work done.

2.) The second best place to seek out a qualified roofing contractor is to go to your local building distributor or lumber yard dealer and ask them. We are not referring to the large home centers or retail store chains, but rather the professional roofing material distributor who works with reputable contractors on a regular basis.

3.) The yellow pages is usually the third place homeowners can look for a qualified roofer,


Find a Qualified Roofer – Interview the roofing contractor

The most important thing to do when looking for a qualified roofing professional is to interview two or three different roofing contractors, whether they are referrals or from the yellow pages. You cannot choose a qualified roofer by looking at an estimate and comparing prices. Allow yourself adequate time to interview the contractor.

Ask for eight to ten references, meaning jobsite locations or names of homeowners, from each contractor you interview.

Ask for proof of proper insurance. The qualified roofer should carry comprehensive liability and workers’ compensation insurance to protect you in the event of a roofing accident.

The following are additional points to consider in evaluating roofing contractors:

  • Repeat business in nearby area ,Length of time in business
  • Willingness and ability to handle complaints quickly and fairly
  • Completeness and professionalism of estimate offered and presentation given

Make judgments based on the quality and number of jobsite photos shown.  These should include:

  • Names, phone numbers and completion dates), number of references offered, proposal provided, etc. Do not base professionalism on the sole criteria of having a legible business card.
  • Membership in professional Associations
  • Knowledge and thoroughness of roofing procedures. Many manufacturers give special credentials to roofing contractors who pass their shingle applicator tests. Carries state and local licenses
  • Willingness to stand behind his work.
  • A qualified roofer will warranty his workmanship. This is in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty.

Do not consider any bids from roofing contractors you have not met or interviewed. Check with your city hall or local chamber of commerce if you are unsure.

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