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Warning Signs that Indicate Your Eavestrough is Damaged

Warning Signs that Indicate Your Eavestrough is Damaged

April 17, 2019

Keeping an eye out for warning signs and opting for regular maintenance and eavestrough repair services can help you extend its life.

Proper eavestrough installation is essential to prevent water from getting inside your building and ensure that water is directed away from the walls, doors, and windows. Although regularly cleaning your gutter system can help enhance its longevity, you need to repair or replace them eventually to avoid severe damage to your property, especially if you live in an area that gets heavy rainfall.

Signs That Indicate You Need Eavestrough Repair Services or Replacement

  • Peeling Paint
    The paint on your eavestrough can withstand different weather conditions and the typical wear and tear over time. Peeling paint or orange flecks usually indicate that water does not get drained adequately and remains stagnant. If you find such signs, you need to call professionals for roof and eavestrough inspection and to take corrective actions immediately.
  • Cracks or Splits
    Although minor splits and small cracks in your eavestrough system may not seem like a big issue, they can become a huge problem over time, causing severe damage to your roof. Such fractures when left unexamined often lead to leakages, damaging the shingles above the gutters, fascia and soffit boards behind it, and the foundation below.
  • Sagging Gutters
    This is the easiest way to tell if you need eavestrough repair or replacement as you won’t have to use a ladder to identify the problem. Gutters should never pull away from the structure of your home, and sagging ones indicate that water is pulling them away from the building. It also means that the water is not getting drained and can lead to significant repair expenses.
  • Leaking
    If water is getting inside your home, it is a clear indication that there is a problem. Although inspecting the roof system is a wise thing to do, you must also consider examining the gutters. If you notice water seeping down the side of your home, it indicates that the gutter system has been damaged, and you should call expert roofers to inspect it.
  • Damaged Fascia and Soffit
    Another sign that can indicate any problems in your eavestrough system is when your building’s fascia and soffit boards begin to rot. It could be due to improper water draining which leads to accumulation, ultimately damaging your roof. You need to repair or replace the decaying boards immediately to prevent any extensive damage.
  • Overflowing
    The primary purpose of an eavestrough system is to remove water from your roof and ensure it gets drained adequately. If it begins to overflow, you should inspect the eavestroughs to ensure that debris has not built up in it. If you find that it is free of debris and clean, your roofing contractor may suggest a complete replacement of the gutter system as a solution to the problem.

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