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What to Look for When Detecting Hail Damage on Shingles?

What to Look for When Detecting Hail Damage on Shingles?

November 5, 2019

Roof repairs come in all shapes and sizes, and the causes run all across the weather spectrum. Commercial property owners will report millions of dollars worth of damage every year, and the primary culprit for these claims is hailstorms. If you reside in a locale that has a history of hailstorms, you won’t be immune to the damage hailstorms cause. Homeowners and building owners alike will face this threat, and in reality, there is very little you can do to counter it.

Once you realize that you are virtually helpless to prevent the weather from damaging your structure, you need to act proactively after severe weather events. That entails a detailed examination of the roofing system to determine where and what was impacted. Then you must respond to prevent an escalation of problems. A roof repair in Thornhill is one way to mitigate progressive damage to your building roof. Another way to combat problems is to check out a guide to follow that was developed by commercial roofing experts to educate building owners in the event of issues.

Ways to detect hail damage on the roof

  • When you have roofing problems, you can detect them on the inside of the building. Look for patches on the ceiling that is discoloured, which indicates a breach in the roof’s exterior surface and tell you that water has made its way to the interior of the building.
  • The shingles that cover your roof serve a useful purpose. They seal the building against the elements, but they serve another purpose. When you see missing shingles on the roof or the ground, they act as an early warning system that trouble is afoot on the roof. Missing shingles expose the soft underbelly of the roof, and that is how water will make its way across the entire roofing system.
  • When hail falls, it is fired under pressure. The sheer force of the hailstones will damage the most durable roof, leaving evidence of its damage behind. Look for dents and other damage on the vents of your roof. The material damage will tell you about the severity of the storm and whether you need to act immediately to stop the erosion of your roofing system.
  • On a shingled roof, granules on the shingles fill an essential need. They break up rainfall and move it to the eavestroughs and downspouts for dispersal at ground level. After months or years of weather abuse, the granules will become dislodged and build up around and in the downspouts. It is a secondary problem that hailstorms cause when evaluating your roof’s ability to drain water.
  • Roof leaks are the inevitable result of hailstorms and other weather events that our roofing systems must deal with regularly. Once a leak is present, a roof repair must be completed instantly to protect the structure and user. A siding repair may be needed when a leak is present as it represents the same risk a roof leak when water is trying to enter the building.

Quick and reliable commercial roofing repairs

At Integrity Roofers, we specialize in prosecuting the kind of problems that are mentioned here.

The key to having a working roofing system is preventative maintenance. Keeping up with the little problems prevents them from growing into enormous repair headaches with the ensuing costs.

A professional roofing contractor like us at Integrity Roofers will help you maintain your roofing system and extend the life of the system with corrective action when necessary.

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