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Proper Nailing is Essential to the Performance of Roof Shingles

Proper Nailing is Essential to the Performance of Roof Shingles

August 30, 2019

Your shingle roof will need a roof repair from time to time, that is a given for any roofing system for a residential home. There are many roofing companies that can provide the work, but you need to shop around to find the right contractor with the right solution to solve your roofing problems. Most shingle problems come down to this. The roofing contractor you hired didn’t apply the roofing nails in the right locations, with the right amount of nails to hold the shingle in place. The International Building Code governs roofing contractors; that means any work that they supply must conform to standards for nails and shingles when they engage in any repair work. Nailing down shingles accurately will help shingles perform the job they were created for keeping the elements from impacting your home.

If you have your roof replaced, you have several choices: composite, fibreglass or asphalt shingles. Be sure to look to CertainTeed shingles for you home. They are best in class for their category and are synonymous with excellent performance, durability, and reliability. Should you wish to extend the life of your shingles, take a look at slate roof shingles for your roof. They are more expensive, but you can bank on 100-years of service for your roof. Slate doesn’t wear like other roofing products and it is one product that will improve the aesthetic look of your home and increase the equity value as a byproduct of the installation.

Six Nailing Aspects to Consider to Enhance the Life of a Shingle Roof

  • When you build something, you need the correct hardware to create a successful conclusion to the project you are involved in. Roofing nails are important, they come to market to solve specific problems that roofing solutions need and you can’t get the results you need without them.
  • How deep you need to drive roofing nails will also be important when choosing the right hardware for your roof. The contractor will be able to gauge the size of roofing nails you will need when he assesses the work required for a replacement roof or a roof repair at your home.
  • The International Building Code demands certain ways to install roofing systems and they govern nailing for your shingles. When fastening shingles or sheet of shingles to a roof, you need to follow general rules that are in place to ensure long life and quality workmanship.
  • If you don’t use a qualified contractor with a team that knows what they are doing, you could see the nailing of your shingles go awry. If the contractor doesn’t place them in the right place or don’t use enough nails, improper shingle nailing will cause problems down the line.
  • When nailing down shingles, it comes with a certain ‘touch’ to get the nails driven to the right depth. If your nails extend beyond the shingles – protruding above them, they haven’t been driven correctly. On the flip side, if the nails are driven too deeply, that creates other problems like small gaps for water to invade.
  • A roof repair can be likened to a map – follow the path and you will succeed. Roofing nails that aren’t driven in the right place will allow the shingle to flap in the breeze and water will pond below the shingle. If the wind is strong enough, you will lose sections of shingles because the nails weren’t driven in the right place.

Proper Nailing is Essential to the Performance of Roof Shingles A qualified roofing contractor who has experience working on problems that you encounter at your home is the best way to keep nailing problems from affecting your roof. If you see shingles on the lawn or pieces of shingles distributed on your property, call a contractor to get the shingles secured properly with a quality installation of shingles. Shingles depend on the right nail installation to anchor them to the roof to deliver the solutions required for your roof repair.

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