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Why Do Shingles Cup and Curl?

Why Do Shingles Cup and Curl?

May 10, 2016

Prevent Shingle Damage with a Professional Roof Consultation in Toronto

Aging shingles can be unsightly at best and cause a lot of damage at worst. Keeping your roof properly maintained is important to keep your home in good condition. Not sure what the signs of damaged shingles are? Contact the roofing professionals at Integrity Roofers for a full inspection and comprehensive roofing and shingle services. We are dedicated to providing Toronto residents and business owners with fast, friendly and affordable roofing solutions to keep your shingles and entire roof looking and functioning its best.

Shingles and Your Roof – What You Should Know

  1. Signs of Damage. If you notice that the shingles on your roof are cupping and curling, it is time for repairs to be done right away. Shingles that have edges curling up or puckering throughout should be noted, and if any fall off your roof, you will want to get them replaced as soon as possible so that your roof is not exposed and vulnerable to further damage.
  2. Causes of Damage. Temperature is the main reason that shingles tend to cup and curl. Extreme heat and extreme cold weather can lead to materials coming loose, expanding or contracting. The varied temperatures that Toronto homes and commercial buildings face mean that roof shingles have to hold up against both extreme cold temperatures and extreme heat and humidity, making them more susceptible to damage.
  3. Preventing Damage. Keep your attic properly ventilated in order to regulate the temperature of your roof and shingles. Getting regular maintenance and inspection completed by professionals will also ensure that your shingles and roof stay in good condition, longer. Ensuring that the shingles you get are CSA (Canadian Standards Association) certified is also critical to make sure that the product you are buying meets the needs of our extreme weather conditions.

Damaged Roof Shingles Cupping and Curling Do you see shingles that are in need of repairs? Want to learn more about how you can prevent damage to your roof’s shingles? The roofing experts at Integrity Roofers can provide fast repairs and offer friendly advice about how to keep your shingles and entire roof in great shape. Trust our reputable roofers for your shingle repairs in Toronto, or call us for leaks, roof replacements, and attic ventilation services. Our wide variety of roofing services are completed by trained professionals with the latest tools, technology and certified materials, so you can rest assured the job will be done right the first time. Rely on us for all your roofing and shingle services in Toronto.

If your roof has shingles that are starting to cup or curl, you should contact the experts at Integrity Roofers for an inspection. Give us a call at 416-736-7373.

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