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Precautionary Steps to Avoid Wind Damage to Shingle Roofs

Precautionary Steps to Avoid Wind Damage to Shingle Roofs

June 5, 2017

Taking Precautions with Shingled Roofs to Avoid Damage During Wind Storms

For those so inclined, a casual walk or drive through virtually any Toronto neighbourhood would quickly affirm that asphalt shingles are the most common type of roofing material used in residential construction.  Notwithstanding the ages or styles of those homes, it is quite likely that their roofs are finished in this manner.

There are many good reasons for this; asphalt shingles are cost-effective, relatively easy to install, functionally effective, and have an average lifespan of approximately 20 years. And while that latter point implies that this type of roofing will not last forever, the many positives of asphalt shingles often influence homeowners to simply have them installed again when their roof does need replacement.

However, there can be times when these shingles are rendered less effective/ineffective long before they ever reach their projected lifespan. Quite often, this is the consequence of strong wind, with or without rain/snow, which can impair/weaken asphalt shingles in many ways:

  • Lifting
  • Cracking
  • Fully tearing away
  • Loosening of the nails
  • Breaking the adhesive seals
  • Impact damage from flying debris
  • Damage subsequent to broken tree limbs

Now that these common indications of how wind can damage the roof of a property have been established, it raises the question about what steps can be taken for avoiding these types of damage to shingled roofs. While homeowners are essentially powerless to stop natural winds from blowing, there are precautions they can take with their shingled roofs to prevent or minimize damage that can occur during wind storms; such actions include:

  • Regular roof inspections (once or twice per year)
  • Address any/all roof and shingle repair needs immediately
  • Trim back any tree branches overhanging the roof or gutters
  • Use only a certified roofing company for new installations/repairs
  • For roof replacements, invest in high-grade shingles/underlayment
  • Minimize unnecessary foot traffic/decorative installations on the roof

Wind damage is a frequent contributor to partial or complete failure of asphalt shingles, especially as they weather and age. Taking extra steps and precautions like those noted above can assist homeowners in avoiding damage to their shingled roofs – and avoiding potentially extensive and extensive roof repair costs.

Reliable Inspections, Replacements, and Repairs of Shingled Roofs in Toronto

As indicated above, the choice of roofing contractor can have a direct impact on avoiding wind damage to shingled roofs. Although it would probably be less expensive to attempt do-it-yourself roof replacements or repairs, or to utilize non-qualified handypersons, the possible risks and long-term consequences far outweigh any short-term cost savings.

Shingled Roofs in Toronto For more than 20 years, the capable and certified professionals at Integrity Roofers have provided reliable inspections, replacements, and repairs of shingled roof for the residents of Toronto and surrounding area.  Utilizing the services of Integrity Roofers for any such roofing needs will ensure that the work is completed with the following:

  • Correct shingle placement
  • Proper installation and nailing
  • Adherence to manufacturer guidelines
  • Contractor’s and manufacturer’s warranties
  • General liability and workplace insurance coverage

For more information on the roofing maintenance, repair, and replacement services offered by the professionals at Integrity Roofers, including those related to avoiding wind damage to shingled roofs, see Roofing Repairs page.

For dependable roofing services, including roof inspections, replacements, and repairs, call the experts at Integrity Roofers today at 416-639-0779 or contact us to request a no-obligation quote.

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