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What is an Emergency Roof Repair & What to Do When You Need One

What is an Emergency Roof Repair & What to Do When You Need One

April 5, 2021

The need for an emergency roof repair can strike at any moment. Failure of the components of the roof like roof shingles repair, a roof repair leak or industrial roofing problems can come from a variety of sources. But you need to understand that you are not powerless to combat the issues when your roof fails. An emergency roof repair is one way to sustain your roof until you can have it repaired or replaced when your building needs it. Roofs repairs are essential, and many problems with your roof should be considered an emergency compared to other home repairs. Some roof repairs are more important than others, and the most urgent require critical care when they are presented.

What Counts as A True “Roofing Emergency?”

Emergency roofing problems come in many categories, and we will examine the three most common that occur for homeowners.

Wind Whipped Elements

If you have trees close to your home, they can be a source of damage when gale-force winds blow. The wind will cause branches or other objects to make contact with your roof, and the damage is done. If the damage is acute, the roof could be falling in around your attic, and the weather and animals will find easy access to your home.


As a consequence of the weather, storms can wreak all kinds of trouble for a roofing system. Shingles can be lifted and scattered all across your lawn. Or that of your neighbour’s lawn, and that will create the potential for a significant leak for your home. Water might be the giver of life, but it is a big problem that needs attention immediately for a roof.


We never consciously go out of our way to have a fire at our homes. But when one does ignite and burn a section of the roof, problems arise. The first is structural integrity on the roof – a roof bears weight, and when it can’t, it will fall in. When you are the victim of this situation, you need a roofing contractor right away to mitigate the problem.

What Is A “Semi-Emergency” Roof Repair?

Not all roofing emergencies are created equal, and if you have a slow leak on the roof, it may not hold the sense of urgency that other problems take on. In some cases, a tarp and a patch job will sustain the roof until your roofing contractor can take more concrete action to eviscerate the problem. One problem most homeowners have is that they look at minor roofing problems as no big deal. But any roofing contractor will tell you that it is a big deal and will lead to more significant future issues if ignored. Your home is your single most important investment; why not contain minor problems before they become catastrophes.

What Are the Least Urgent Roof Repairs?

Roof repairs should be considered your most prominent problem for a homeowner, but some roofing problems can be dealt with over time. If your roof has hail damage and your insurance agent comes to investigate – a shingle replacement might be in the cards, but it hardly qualifies as a five-alarm fire emergency.

Old age for humans and roofing systems is a problem, but it does not need a roofing contractor on your roof today. It is a problem that can be taken care of, and certainly, the sooner, the better, but you have some time. The conferred benefits of a new roof are an extended warranty, better curb appeal, and improved water management on the roof. Maintenance for a roofing system is essential, and a new roof reduces the need for extended maintenance when installed.

Roofing is work that is affected by the weather. Roofers can only ascend your roof when conditions are right – rain, wind, and storms will keep roofers on the ground – repairs that need to be done must be carried out when the weather cooperates.

What to Do When Your Roof Needs an Emergency Repair

All roofing contractors will tell you that water leaks are your most significant threat, and an emergency roof repair will seek to stop the problem. When you have to wait for a contractor due to weather conditions, add a tarp to your roof to keep water out as best you can before a contractor can assess the damage.

There are steps you can take to help with the situation, and the first thing to do is remain calm and manage the problem – try to protect the roof as best you can.

Eliminating further damage is incumbent on the homeowner when problems arise. Use waterproofing materials and cover the open holes with a tarp. If you can stop the cascade of water into your attic or home, add buckets where water is filtering in. Upon discovering the damage, contact a roofing contractor – most if not all contractors operate an emergency service line to help homeowners cope with problems and are available 24/7/365.

When a contractor arrives, they will inspect the roof for all problems – not just the current one and formulate a solution.

Next up on the checklist is contacting your insurance company. If you are forced to vacate, your insurance can be a source of help for unexpected expenses that come with roofing problems. Too, a roof problem can cost thousands of dollars that your insurance company will be liable for due to your insurance coverage.

Choosing a Qualified Contractor

Last, but in no way least, hire a licensed contractor. Certainly, roofing problems that are large in magnitude will force your hand to look for a contractor. But don’t call the first name that comes up on an Internet search; locate a contractor who has many years of experience and plenty of recommendations to solve your problems. Also, you want a contractor that is insured against eventualities – storm chasers need not apply – they are predators and will victimize people in need of help without responding to the work they have been hired for. If you are asked for a deposit that is over 50 percent shy away from that contractor – shoddy workmanship is a problem in the roofing business, and you need to take care when selecting a contractor. Don’t hesitate to ask a contractor to supply their references, insurance proof and licensing before you sign on the dotted line.

We Can Help You with All Kinds of Emergency Roof Repairs

Emergency Roof Repairs Damaged roofs leak water; like the sun that rises in the East, it is a constant. Whether external or internal, damage can be stopped with the help of a certified, licensed roofing contractor. When you hire Integrity Roofers, your faith will be well placed as we are the experts in all things in the residential roofing sector, and our experience is by far the best you can obtain. We identify the problem right off the bat and supply solutions that will be the right course of action every time.

When you bring your problems to us, we will engage in a systematic process to identify your problem first. An inspection that details the issues with digital evidence will be presented before we administer any work on-site. Once the homeowner is satisfied with our diagnosis, a crew will be dispatched with a foreman directing the work. Our crew is certified as Master Shingle Applicators, and we use industry-standard techniques to provide the best-in-class repairs for your home.

We want all our customers to know that we are accessible when questions arise, and we want to extend the highest level of respect when we are working around your personal space. At Integrity Roofers, we have built our reputation on quality workmanship, trust, and respect unsurpassed in our industry. We aren’t satisfied until you are, and we are dedicated to making your roof repair one that is only done once. When installing roofing products, we follow manufacturer guidelines stringently to protect your warranty.

When you need a roofing contractor for unforeseen problems or emergencies, contact us today at Integrity Roofers at 647.953.9365.

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