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What Homeowners Should Do When Facing a Need for Emergency Roof Repairs

What Homeowners Should Do When Facing a Need for Emergency Roof Repairs

May 14, 2018

What Homeowners Should Do When Facing a Need for Emergency Roof Repairs

Summer weather systems can produce some of the most relaxing and enjoyable settings possible, from brilliant sunshine to warm temperatures to gentle breezes drifting through the trees on a moonlit evening.  Unfortunately, these same patterns can also generate some of the most severe storms, in turn inflicting damage to personal property including landscaping, fences, and, very often, the roofing of residential and commercial buildings.

For property owners, their roofs can suffer considerable harm as a result of the scorching heat and violent storms that are part-and-parcel of the summer season. Consequently, their enjoyment of summer might be disrupted due to a need for emergency roof repairs resulting from a compromised roofing system.

When a roof becomes compromised, its protection against water penetration is adversely affected, and the damage must be addressed promptly to avert any further destruction of property.  Common reasons for emergency roof repairs in the summer in Toronto and neighbouring communities such as North York, Markham, and Etobicoke would include:

  • Need to replace missing, buckled, or broken shingles
  • Damage to eavestroughing (including soffit and fascia)
  • Leaks in caulking around chimneys, skylights, pipes, vents
  • Attic ventilation issues, leading to dry rot or roof deterioration
  • Structural problems due to infestation by insects or small animals
  • Structural repairs subsequent to fallen tree limbs and/or flying debris

While homeowners cannot control the weather and are therefore helpless against natural acts that could damage their roof, they should however be ready for any such possibility; this preparation should consist of the following:

  • Keep the phone number handy for a certified roofing company that offers emergency roof repairs.  Due to safety concerns for their staff, most roofers will not act on these requests until storms subside, the calls, though, should be placed as soon as possible
  • Contact the home insurance provider and document the damage (safely) with photos
  • Beware of so-called storm chasers, or deceitful contractors, who will canvass homes looking for opportunities to deceive upset homeowners by proposing on-the-spot roof inspections and repairs; these types of solicitations can be excessively costly, and the  repairs can often be done poorly and outside of any warranties or insurance coverage
  • Avoid the urge to complete do-it-yourself emergency roof repairs; yes, they could get done faster but at what cost? i.e., risk of personal injury? incorrect repairs? causing more damage? voiding an insurance claim?

This latter point cannot be overstated; based on the post-storm condition of the roof and the importance of properly remedying the damage, emergency roof repairs should be left to qualified professionals like the crews from Integrity Roofers, who have been assisting homeowners in Toronto, North York, Markham, Etobicoke, and all other areas of the GTA in handling unexpected roof damage for more than 20 years.

For additional information on the emergency roof repair services available from Integrity Roofers.

Regular Inspections, Routine Maintenance Can Prevent Emergency Roof Repairs

Emergency Roof Repairs The need for emergency roof repairs is typically unplanned (thus the word ‘emergency’). However, procrastinating when it comes to routinely maintaining a roof can prove to be a costly proposition for homeowners, as such a failure to act can result in very extensive structural and property damage throughout the year.

It is therefore important that the roof system not be ignored but rather maintained in a proactive and diligent manner. There are several precautionary steps that Toronto and area homeowners can take to prevent the need for emergency roof repairs; these steps should include the following:

  • Conducting regular (semi-annual) roof and attic inspections
  • Cutting overhanging tree branches away from the roof/gutters
  • Keeping gutters and downspout openings clear of dirt and debris
  • Brushing away or spray washing dust/dirt from all soffit and vents
  • Attending to minor repairs as soon as possible to avert larger issues

For homeowners who may not be comfortable in performing their own roof inspections or any identified repair needs, professional roof inspections and maintenance services are available through a reputable contractor such as Integrity Roofers.

To learn more about the roof inspection and maintenance services offered by the team at Integrity Roofers.

Even though emergency roof repairs can be most inconvenient and potentially costly too, their importance should eclipse any and all such factors. A roof is an integral component of a home, especially from the perspective of protecting the occupants and the contents, and it must be treated with top priority to prevent further issues and unwanted costs.

When unexpected damage happens to your roof, emergency repairs are just a phone call away. Call the roofing specialists at Integrity Roofers in Toronto at 416-736-7373 and we will be there when you need us most.

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