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Detailed Information in a Roof Repair Estimate Will Help in Choosing a Contractor

Detailed Information in a Roof Repair Estimate Will Help in Choosing a Contractor

May 14, 2018

Quite often, the urgency to have a service provider repair an item that is very important in their daily life, such as a vehicle, an appliance, or the roof of their home, can cause the owner of that item to act too quickly in signing the work order or contract.  In their haste to have the repair work done as soon as possible, thus limiting the extent of their inconvenience, they do not take the time to ask any questions or review the contract thoroughly before giving the go-ahead; in turn, there are countless stories of people who have subsequently paid a contractor far more than expected for their particular services.

These situations can tend to have a lasting, and negative, effect because that owner had planned on a specific amount but was invoiced a higher total due to such circumstances as additional parts and labour, the need to substitute more expensive materials, project overruns, or that dreaded catch-all category known as unforeseen complications.

Whatever the basis, these surprises are typically rather upsetting to consumers, but they often pay the increased fees because they resign themselves to the fact that they had no other alternative.  However, such situations can be prevented if homeowners or property owners request formal written quotes and invest the time to fully review/understand all aspects of that quote before signing the agreement.

In the case of a roof repair or replacement, there can be a substantial cost involved; as a result, this type of expense should be considered as an investment in the home, thus the work should be performed by competent roofing professionals and guided by a binding agreement between the contractor and the homeowner.

To begin the process, it is strongly recommended that homeowners obtain three or four roof repair estimates for comparative purposes rather than relying on a single roof repair company; additionally, the quotes should all be the result of onsite roof assessments and not general estimates merely provided over the phone.

So what type of information should be incorporated in a roof repair estimate?  And what are the questions that homeowners should ask of each contractor, and have answered in their written quote, to determine which roof repair company is the right one for the job?  The roof repair specialists from Integrity Roofers, a leading roofing company in Toronto for over 20 years, suggest that homeowners/property owners consider the following:

  • Company information – address, means of contact, business/license number
  • Full details of the project, e.g. full roof replacement, gutter replacement, etc.
  • Anticipated duration of the project – estimated start date and completion date
  • Detailed cost breakdown – materials, installation/other labour, applicable taxes
  • Complete list of all materials – brands, styles, quantities, colours, product codes
  • Terms and timing of payments (deposit, final) and accepted methods of payment
  • Presentation of valid workplace insurance and general liability insurance coverage
  • Evidence of manufacturer certifications to install or repair their respective products
  • Particulars of all warranties relating to materials, workmanship, and any exceptions
  • Responsibilities for post-project clean-up – materials disposal, sweeping up nails, etc.
  • The period of time/date for which the quote remains valid (for a decision to be made)

While this seems like a particularly extensive list, the roof repair company should include this level of detail in their estimates if they want to secure the contract.  It is important for the homeowner to be fully satisfied with this information before accepting/signing the agreement as well; therefore, they may also want to ask these questions before moving forward:

  • Did the onsite assessment include the entire roof system?
  • What is the contingency plan in case of inclement weather?
  • What is the expected lifecycle of the new roof and materials?
  • What is the process if unexpected problems are encountered?
  • How does the roof repair company handle any warranty claims?

As with any type of repair or service contract, a homeowner should be well-informed and comfortable with the terms and details of a roof repair estimate before committing to the contractor.  In the end, there should be no surprises for either side when the job is done.

A Trustworthy Approach in Preparing and Abiding by All Roof Repair Estimates

Questions to Ask the Contractor When You Get a Roof Repair Estimate Over the past 20+ years, Integrity Roofers has established and maintained its reputation as a leading roof repair company in Toronto and throughout the GTA. This standing has been earned via a commitment to delivering quality workmanship as well as unparalleled customer service.

Integrity Roofers is motivated by a dedication to provide roof repair services in a reliable manner; this includes preparation of written estimates, by onsite roof assessments, and abiding by those quotes when contracted to do the work by their customers.

To learn more about Integrity Roofers and their trustworthy approach as a roof repair contractor.

When you require roof repair services from an experienced and reliable contractor within Toronto and the GTA, call the professionals from Integrity Roofers at 416-736-7373 or Contact us  to request your professional estimate.

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