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5 Ways You Can Know if You Can Trust Your Roofer

5 Ways You Can Know if You Can Trust Your Roofer

November 28, 2013

Your home is probably your biggest asset and as such, when doing any repairs, you have to feel that any work required for it, would be done by someone reliable that you can trust.

At INTEGRITY ROOFERS, integrity is what we stand for, roofing is what we do and trust is a big thing for us. In order for roofing companies to gain the customers trust, there are some pieces of advice to help customers decide which company they are going to use.

1.Check out the reviews at HomeStars. Through the HomeStars website, you can find what people have to say about the company both good and bad. Homeowners write reviews based on their experiences and this builds a collective knowledge base that is invaluable in helping homeowners make better decisions on whom to hire. A company with a history of complaints, or a company that has only been in business a short time with no reviews, should raise red flags.

2.Check out the company’s website. A website can actually reveal quite a bit about a company. So when you look at a potential company’s website, ask yourself, “Does this look like it was just thrown together? Is it well organized? Customer friendly? And does it offer tips and useful material to potential customers?” When a company’s website is interactive, keep in mind, they are encouraging customers to write in, communicate and be involved in the process. A company such as this wants to develop positive relationships with its customers.

3.Ask to see the company’s work. When approached by any company, it is always a good idea to see what they have done in the past. If you are considering a new roof, ask to view a roof that the company has just completed. And ask yourself, “Do you like what you see? Does the work look professional? Do you like the materials you see used?” Chances are if you like what the company has done in the past, you will also like what they will do for you.

4.Ask to speak to a past customer. If the company you are considering using has a good reputation, and satisfied customers, they will want to share this with you, and be happy to provide you with names and numbers of former customers who can serve as references. Any hesitation to do this should again raise a red flag.

5. Ask to speak with the company owner. Companies that develop and maintain great relationships with customers do so by having the owner out in the field, ensuring that the customers are well taken care of. So when a company makes the owner accessible to you, that is a sign that they want you to voice any concerns you have, and most importantly, have them heard by the right person.

Integrity Roofers always seeks to put the customer first in every roof we install, whether it is an emergency roof repair or installing a roof on a brand new home. For more information on roofing, roofing repair, or just to get a free quote for your home, visit www.integrityroofers.ca

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