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How many estimates should I get before selecting a roofing contractor?

How many estimates should I get before selecting a roofing contractor?

April 30, 2013

What is the best way to judge an estimate?

Although you may receive a reliable, fair estimate from the first contractor interviewed, you should usually obtain two additional estimates to help you determine which one is best. In judging the cost of a job, you should evaluate the following:

1. The contractor –

Base your evaluation on the likelihood that during the next two to five years (the period in which any imperfections in the roof system are most likely to occur) the contractor can be located will stand behind his warranty and will provide the service he promised.

2. The quality and completeness of the roof

System recommended – Make sure the complete roof system will include ventilation and waterproofing shingle underlayment (if appropriate to your region and your home’s structure).

3. The quality of the product choices offered –

Expect to pay a higher price for designer or architectural shingles. (Further explanation regarding product selection should be provided by your contractor.)

4. The completeness of the contractor’s

Insurance package – Protect yourself from involvement in worker injuries, third person liabilities and damages consequential to the work being performed.



Never judge the value of various proposals from the lowest bid received. A low price can signal a lot of discrepancies and shortcomings in the reliability of the contractor.

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