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Things You Need to Know About Professional Ice Dam Removal

Things You Need to Know About Professional Ice Dam Removal

January 10, 2023

Have you ever had an ice dam on your roof? Hopefully, not for the sake of your roof because an ice-damming roof needs the services of a contractor for ice-damming removal. Ice damming can cause roof damage and roof shingles repair at home or business. When you need shingle repair in North York, you can’t trust the work to anybody; you need a trained, experienced roofing contractor. When ice forms at the gutters, it is unsightly; you need to take action when you see what amounts to an iceberg forming on your roof. It starts with an internal inspection of your attic and upper-floor rooms to look for leaks and heat loss, causing ice to form above the shingles. Safety should be the biggest concern for the people below the large pieces of ice and the roof’s structural integrity when extra weight is weighing heavily on the trusses and rafters. Everybody wants to save money and use a DIY solution, be generally; it costs more in the long run when you don’t hire a roofing contractor in the beginning. We at Integrity Roofers would like to share some tips to help with hiring a roofing contractor for ice dam removal.

6 Steps to Hire a Professional for Ice Dam Removal

Know When to Take Action

  • When shingles looked damaged on the roof
  • Water is leaking into your home.
  • The gutters are sagging or weight of the ice dam.
  • The ice dam is growing; wet weather is in the forecast.

Know Which Methods Could Damage Your Home

  • Using heating cables to thaw your roof
  • Using an open flame on the ice dam
  • Putting chemicals in your eavestroughs or on the ice dams
  • Using an ice pick to break the ice

Prep Work Will Likely Be Necessary

Ice forms under snow, so before your contractor can remove it, the snow must be cleared first. Using a rake for moving the snow, the service costs less than $200, a small price to pay when balanced against a roof repair. Using the rake regularly through the winter is preventative maintenance and performing the task will prolong the life of your roof.

Ask About Fee Structures

A roofing contractor with expertise as a snow removal specialist is just what the Doctor ordered when you need help clearing ice and snow. The price for the work might be sticker shock at first, but let’s remember that the money you spend today is that much less you spend on a new roof. Generally, $300-$600 for two hours of work is commonplace when you need this vital service. If you have a flat roof on a commercial building, the prices will be higher for the work.

Only Hire Bonded and Insured Professionals

When seeking help, look for a licensed, bonded professional company to complete the necessary work.

Be Specific When Asking an Ice Dam Removal Pro About Insurance

Not all insurance is created equally, and ice dam insurance comes with a risk that is priced into the premiums. Just because the roofer is insured, it doesn’t mean they are insured for ice dam removal. Your questions need to be specific because liability is the homeowners to bear.

When Ice Dam Removal is Covered or Not Covered by Insurance

  • Not Covered – work done by uninsured, unlicensed DIYers. This is a job for a professional with a steamer who has lots of experience, and you can damage the roof, creating more problems in the end.
  • Sometimes Covered – if you have actively removed ice dams, most insurance companies won’t cover the damage.
  • Covered – an ice dam that has caused a leak is removed by a professional.

Suggestions to Help Ensure Your Ice Dam Removal is Covered

  • Digital evidence is important; you need to take pictures of the affected areas for the insurance company to pay your claim.
  • Read the details of your policy for your house insurance and have your agent clarify any areas that are unclear before the winter comes.

Commonly Asked Questions on Ice Dam Removal

Should You Knock Down Icicles?

There are a couple of methods for removing icicles. Stand behind the smaller ones and push outward; they should fall to the ground after dislodging.

Do Metal Roofs Prevent Ice Dams?

A metal roof with vertical sheets will shed snow and ice easier than a shingle roof. The risk of an ice dam is reduced, but it is still a problem that will begin in the gutters – if not cleared in the late fall. The ice will form and climb your roof.

How Do You Get Rid of Ice Dams Fast?

The best solution is to call a professional. If you need to remove the dam immediately, use a chemical compound to soften the ice; take a mallet and gently break the ice into small chunks for dispersal to the ground.

You Can Count on Integrity Roofers, Your Ice Removal Specialists

Things You Need to Know About Professional Ice Dam Removal Heat leaking from your attic to the roof causes a problem called thaw and refreeze on your roof. Water is created due to a melt on a higher section of the roof, runs down to the gutters and refreezes on the cold surface. To combat the problem, we at Integrity Roofers will take corrective action. Our action plan – depending on the problem – involves adding more insulation, improving ventilation, and sealing air leaks, which are the causes of ice damming. If you see icicles forming at the gutters, don’t hesitate to contact us for roofing service before it is too late.

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