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Things to Consider Before Skylight Installation

Things to Consider Before Skylight Installation

June 10, 2021

Do you want to light up your life? A skylight installation will do just that, add more natural light to the home’s interior and improve your life in ways you never considered. Some of us have known the value of a skylight, and we can have a skylight replacement for an old skylight. Or, if it is just a minor adjustment, a skylight repair in Toronto is one way to keep the sun shining in. If you don’t have a skylight, why not consider installing one on a roof that could use some brightening up with the sun’s warm rays.

A skylight will permit more than five times more light into your home than regular windows, and they are pleasant to have in our homes. When reviewing the decision to install a skylight, the cost and complexity of the work should be the path to begin your home improvement project. Getting a skylight that works for you is the best way to eliminate a skylight repair in the future. Before you sign on to the project with our contractor, make sure you are acquainted with the details that involve installing your newest home improvement aid.

What Should You Think of When Installing Skylights?

We will answer some questions for potential skylight buyers to help them make informed decisions when they are thinking about purchasing a skylight.

Are Skylights Suitable for Every Roof?

Some roofs aren’t suitable for a skylight. It comes from the construction of the roof and how the skylight is affixed to the structure. To understand the situation, you need to know that skylight is installed below the roofline and under the shingles, and the roof must be able to support the added weight of the addition. If you have a stick-framed roof is better positioned to support the light because the frame of the roof – rafters – are spread apart, creating plenty of support for the skylight and room to install it. A truss-framed roofing system wasn’t designed for modification after installation – the prefabricated roof supports need to be maintained to keep their structural integrity. You might find a contractor, who will add a skylight to this roofing system, but they will be small skylights, and that isn’t what anybody wants.

Is Glass the Only Option for Glazing?

A skylight consists of materials like wood, vinyl and metal that make up the skylight we see. Inserted into the frame is a light emanating piece of transparent material, and that is called a piece of glaze. You have a choice of either glass or plastic as the insert for your skylight. As far as glass glazing goes, glass is more expensive and heavier in the installed frame. A couple of notable advantages that come with a glass insert, it is more resistant to impact and will keep scratches to a minimum. Two things that glass provides are essential to the skylight; one is a Low-E coating to repel UV rays, and the other is argon gas inserted between panes of glass to add additional insulation to the window. Plastic as an insert is economical; it is durable and light when used. The drawbacks of plastic are that it will not absorb punishment as much as glass, and it lets in plenty of UV rays when installed.

Can Skylights Let in More Air and Light?

You can have one of two different skylights, a fixed variety that doesn’t open and a vented type that will allow opening and closing. A fixed skylight affords the opportunity to be more energy-efficient – it keeps out moisture and will see fewer leaks when installed. A vented skylight will function with a crank to open and close or with a motorized mechanism to open and close. With both styles of skylights, you get increased sunlight, and with the vented models, you get more fresh air.

Does Location Matter?

Certainly, location matters; remember that you are trying to light up a dark room that sees no natural light, so your contractor will help with the best place to put the skylight to get the best results. The slope is a significant consideration when installing a skylight, and a qualified contractor will be able to tell the best place for the insert of the skylight. When determining the slope, a rule of thumb in the skylight installation business says that a skylight should be installed on a slope of five to 15 degrees higher than the latitude of the roof. Also up for consideration is the placing of the skylight from a compass point. If you can install it on a north-facing side of the home, you will have bright sunlight all day, year-round. In keeping with the skylight placement, think about the impediments surrounding your home and how they might affect the sun’s ability to shine in the skylight. Walls or taller buildings pose a distinct impairment for sunshine so make your decision wisely. If the climate in your region is intense in the summer months, consider installing a skylight in the vicinity of a tree to provide shade during the heat of the day.

Maintenance Is the Key to A Pristine Skylight.

A leaky skylight is s problem that requires immediate help. A leak can start small and become larger in a nanosecond, so inspect your skylight at least once every couple of weeks. Discolouration or damp areas on rugs are signs that you have a leak to address. To keep the bright sun shining in, dust your skylight periodically. When you need a deep cleaning for your skylight, use warm water and soap solution for the inside of the skylight and a pressure washer for the outside coating of the skylight to keep them clean. Regular inspections by a certified contractor will find any nascent damage that is beginning. They will be able to provide solutions before the problems become too big to deal with. If you add a skylight with a new roof, ask your contractor if the roof underlayment has been upgraded. Skylights are prone to experiencing ice dams, and without a new underlayment, you could be in for a world of trouble. When snow accumulates on the roof, remove it before it melts and refreezes at the skylight to prevent any future problems from occurring.

Hire a Professional

Before you rush out to the home improvement store to buy a skylight for a DIY installation, STOP! You aren’t an expert, and that puts you at a disadvantage. No knowledge, no skills, no ability, and the damage to the roof can be in the thousands if you haven’t installed the skylight correctly. When you look at the project, you need to remove shingles, create an opening in the roof, install a frame, and then flashing and patching any holes you create. This not the work for a novice DIYer. It is best left to the professional for a quality installation.

Integrity Roofers Is Your Skylight Specialist

Things to Consider Before Skylight Installation Installing a new skylight is one of the best home improvement projects you can engage in, and we at Integrity Roofers are at your service. We have over two decades of work in the roofing business, and our skylight installations are on par with the best companies in the Greater Toronto Area. We will come to your residence and assess the work you want to be done. Then we capture digital evidence to support our solutions and only proceed when you are comfortable with our recommendations. Once your approval has been provided, our team of highly skilled installers will go to work efficiently and effectively to deliver the best results for a fair price. For a no-cost discussion that comes with no obligation, call our office today at Integrity Roofers at 416.736.7373.

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