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How Does A Skylight Leak Damage the Roof?

How Does A Skylight Leak Damage the Roof?

December 5, 2020

Skylights are an excellent addition to any home. But a skylight leak can be the worst thing that can happen to your roof. A skylight can add hi-hundreds of dollars of equity to your home, but a leaking skylight can thousands of dollars of damage to your roof. Living with a leak at the skylight will require a skylight leak repair in Toronto and prevent the roof from caving in. At Integrity Roofers, we are your skylight leak repair specialists. We have many years of experience rehabilitating leaky skylights and protecting your roofing system with our advanced knowledge and techniques. At Integrity Roofers, we want to share the benefit of our experience with a buyer’s guide to help guide the process for identifying problems and the results if you don’t take care of the leaks in their infancy. The guide will help a consumer understand what causes leaks, the dangers of leaks, and what you can do to prevent the problems from happening to you.

The Causes of a Leaking Skylight

Flashing That Is Damaged.

The flashing is the seal that bonds the skylight and the roofing system. When the flashing is in good condition, it creates a watertight seal between the skylight and the roof. Wear and tear will cause a skylight to corrode or develop cracks and leaves an opening along the edges for water to seep into your home.

Weather Damage

Bad weather or inclement weather will take its toll on a skylight. Surface cracks to the glass aren’t uncommon, and they can come from a hailstorm or branches landing on the skylight during a weather event. When a crack is established, water droplets will accumulate as puddles, which is never a good thing for a homeowner.

Clogged Weep Holes

Weep holes are the drainage system for a skylight. Water and condensation need to be moved to prevent pooling around the skylight. If the weep holes are clogged, the water will eventually end up in your home.

Poor Installation

If your skylight has been improperly installed, you are asking for problems. If a professional contractor hasn’t installed the skylight, you will know as soon it rains because you have water in the house.

Poor Insulation or A Lack of Insulation

Certainly, condensation will build up from time to time, and that is why you have weep holes. But if you notice condensation on days without precipitation, it is a clear sign that you need insulation to stop the problem from getting worse.

Dangers Posed by A Leaking Skylight

Water might be the gift of life, but it is also a problem when it sits, and bacteria will grow. There are many dangers associated with leaking skylights that we will outline here for you.


Wood absorbs water, and when it does, it a petri dish for mold growth. When you are exposed to mold for any period of time, you can expect health problems. Headaches, dizziness, nausea, allergies, asthma and other respiratory conditions come from mold exposure.

Paint Damage

The paint will bubble and peel when exposed to water, and even a small amount of water will wreck the paint’s finish. Watermarks and stains that dot your ceilings will reduce your home’s livability and the cost to re-paint the room is an expensive proposition.

Wood Rot and Warping

You have wood in the roofing system, and it absorbs water. Too much water absorption will cause the wood to warp and weaken your roofing system structure and ceilings. If the damage isn’t caught in the early stages, it can mean thousands of dollars in repairs are the danger of a roof collapse is imminent.

Weakening the Structural Integrity of Your Building

It isn’t just the rafters and joist that your need to worry about with a skylight leak. The walls and studs can be impacted when water is surreptitiously snaking its way through your home, and that is a huge problem.

Other Water Damage

Furniture, flooring and other valuable assets will pay the price for a leaky skylight. If the problem is in the kitchen, electrical outlets can be compromised, and a fire will start when water meets the electrical current.

Prevention, Now and In the Future

As mentioned throughout this article, skylight leaks are dangerous for a homeowner, residents, and the building’s structure. There are ways to prevent the problems from occurring, and when you see them, you can take steps to avoid them.

Annual Roof Maintenance

Establishing a roofing maintenance plan isn’t just about the roof and the shingles; it will help identify damage to the skylight and flashing before serious problems arise. Your roofing system is your defence to the weather and water damage, don’t put off the annual visit to your roof; it could be perilous.

Inspect Your Skylight Regularly

Take a look at your skylight regularly. Examine the flashing and the edges to make sure the seal is consistent. The inspection is a job for a professional who has the tools and equipment to ascend the roof without risk or hazard.

When You See Damage Call A Professional

It doesn’t matter if the problem is in its embryonic stages of a full-blown problem, a leaky skylight or one that looks like it might fail needs to be addressed by a professional immediately upon identification.

Integrity Roofers Offers Skylight Installation and Maintenance.

How Does A Skylight Leak Damage the Roof? In our 20 years of existence in the roofing business, we have become proficient in installing and maintaining skylights in your home. Our expertise and professional installation will be the difference between a leaky skylight and a watertight one. When inspecting your skylight annually, our service techs will apply their knowledge and recognize problems before they happen and provide reliable solutions to combat the degradation of your seals and flashing.

When you notice a problem with your skylight, no matter how small, it is incumbent to reduce the implications of any leaks that will damage your home. That is the time to obtain the services you need when you call our office today at Integrity Roofers at 416.736.7373.

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