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The Benefits of Skylights on a Commercial Flat Roof

The Benefits of Skylights on a Commercial Flat Roof

October 31, 2019

Improve the work environment of your workplace with a skylight. It will radiate natural light through your commercial facility. A skylight installation on a flat roof is growing in prominence as a feature of all industrial structures. There are many benefits that your staff and your building will enjoy with a skylight installation in Toronto, and the considerations behind the decision should be analyzed.

Advantages of commercial skylights

  1. When you review the benefits that a commercial skylight will provide, it starts as a pocketbook issue. Allowing more natural light into your building will reduce your electricity consumption. Less artificial light is a cost-benefit when you have a commercial skylight installed by a commercial roofing company. Considerable savings are accrued when you have a roofing company in Toronto install your new the skylights atop your building.
  2. Other ancillary savings that come with skylights include lampposts, wiring, and light bulbs. It may seem like small costs, but they add up over time. Additionally, no new construction is needed for your premises. No new lampposts on the ground or in the hallways of your building are cost savings.
  3. Natural light is the light of life, it provides vitamin D, and that is important during the fall and winter when sunlight is at a premium. Your employees will feel the positive effects of sunlight. An improvement in their mental health and increased productivity will be the byproducts of natural light. During fall and winter, the weather can make an individual feel dreary or depressed without a daily dose of vitamin D.
  4. When installing a skylight, commercial building owners are partnering with flat roofing companies to help reduce their carbon footprint. Using natural light to illuminate your building will lower your electricity use, and it also reduces electrical generation causing greenhouse gases.

Caveat emptor

  • A skylight, like any repair or installation on a roof, must be done correctly to be effective. If a roofing company has made an error during the installation, a skylight repair will be the next expenditure for your roof. A skylight installation, done correctly, requires minimal maintenance. One thing to pay attention to when you inspect your roof is dust buildup on the skylight. Keeping it clean will allow light to emanate into the facility and protect the finish of the skylight. The finish, marred by damage, impacts energy-efficiency through a reduction in light shining in.
  • A damaged skylight is a big problem for commercial buildings – leaks are the problem that demands solutions. Water spilling in through opening will create structural damage that will be hard to detect and expensive to repair.
  • Regular inspections of skylight will prevent problems. Clues that your skylight is failing include water stains or damp spots inside your building.

Skylights, the choices

From an efficiency standpoint, a flat skylight is the most functional. The flat skylight is fixed to the decking of the roof system, and it follows the contours of the pitch of the flat roof. The deck-mounted skylight will align with the roofline providing a clean look for your roof. In a commercial setting, a round skylight is similar to a residential one with one difference. In a home, the round skylight will protrude above the roof. On a commercial roof, the skylight will be round, but it will be flat on the roof surface.

The skylight is mounted in one of two ways – either deck mounted or curb attached, depending on your building structure. The aesthetic value of a circular skylight can’t be measured in dollars and cents, but in the quality of life that it creates. A dome skylight installed on a flat roof will be a bubble above the roof like a residential skylight. The skylight can be a rectangle or round and is made from Plexiglas, an incredibly durable substance that will withstand a great deal. A Plexiglas, domed skylight, is inexpensive and is compatible with all flat roofing systems.

A skylight is a great asset to have on your building. One thing, though, looking for leaks can be challenging for a layman with no commercial roofing experience. When problems are detected, don’t repair it yourself, call Integrity Roofers for the service your roof needs. A downside of a commercial flat roof skylight is ponding. Ponding is pooling water that doesn’t drain off the roof after a rainstorm, and it collects around the curb flashing. Your roof membrane must be installed correctly to ensure that it is attached to the flashing to provide a waterproof seal on your roof.


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