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How to Repair Roof Leaks Based on the Causes

How to Repair Roof Leaks Based on the Causes

August 10, 2021

Roofing companies best serve a roof leak repair in Toronto, and the best selection for a company are local roofing companies. A leaky roof can create stress for any homeowner because the untold damage that a roof leak can cause is the thing that will keep people awake at night. A quick solution to the problem can be extremely costly, which scares many homeowners as they contemplate how to solve it. At Integrity Roofers, we have provided a helpful guide to help educate consumers that will temper expectations and provide beneficial information. Let’s look at common roof leak repairs and how they are remediated by a professional contractor like us at Integrity Roofers.

What Does Each Type of Roof Leak Repair Entail?

Improperly Driven Nails

When shingles are affixed to the roof, they need to be inserted correctly; otherwise, problems will begin at the nail head. It starts with nails not driven deep enough into the shingles and the decking or when nails are driven on a sideways angle. That causes the nail to work its way back up and leave space for water to enter the roof’s structure. The repair for this problem is lifting the shingle and re-nailing the shingle with the addition of an ice and water shield to protect the vulnerable area. Any holes created by a nail that didn’t find a rafter will be closed by a sealant that a roofing contractor will apply to close any gaps in the roof.

Pipe Boot Failure

A boot is a piece of flashing that waterproofs the roof, and they come in different materials such as metal, plastic or copper, to name but a few. The common boot failure arises from synthetic rubber and neoprene pipe boots. They are susceptible to UV rays, and once cracked, they are an open door to water for entry. Water will cascade down walls throughout the house where the pipe comes off your roof. A collar or sleeve is used as a patch over the existing damage to repair the problem to provide a seal against water leaks. The collar or sleeve will encase the flange – it is the flat, square flashing that covers the bottom of the pipe – and it should extend the life of the pipe boot for at least a decade.

Gutter Debris

Your roof consists of valleys that cover the top of your home, and when debris accumulates in the gutters that surround the valleys – a V-shaped angle – water doesn’t run to the downspouts for effective dispersal to the ground for drainage. The water leak that is caused occurs at the fascia; when no flashing or poorly installed flashing is prevalent around the flashing board, a leak will happen. The repair for this problem involves your roofing contractor popping the gutter loose and installing three pieces of flashing – one behind the channel, one to the roof and the third is inserted under the problem valley.

Collar Failure Around the Gas Vent

Your gas vent is essential from an air quality standpoint as it keeps carbon monoxide gas from overwhelming your home. They prevent gas appliances from fouling the air in your home, and HVAC techs are the people who install the vents. The procedure is to add a collar to the unsealed pipe and cover the flange – this is a generally accepted solution, but heavy rains can force water under the collar, causing a leak. To prevent the crisis of a roof leak, the contractor will elevate the collar, add caulking and return the collar to its original position. The roofing contractor must take care when working with these pipes as a mistake can cause monoxide poisoning for a home’s residents.

Chimney Wear and Tear

Chimneys are a problem as they degrade and become a source for leaks in several ways. The metal flashing can fail – it is installed under the shingles as a method of sealing the area around the chimney. The bricks and mortar that make up the chimney have eroded and allowed water to fall down the chimney spout into the home. Another leak point is where the chimney abuts the corner boards – made of wood; the corner board will rot as they are exposed to water leaks. The worst part is that you can’t see the damage as it is developing, and you don’t find out until it is too late. There are two ways to repair the problems, the first is to apply new flashing, and the second is to add masonry repellant to the area in question to create a watertight seal. If the problems are more acute, you will need a professional chimney sweep service – a contractor that holds a license to provide the type of repair you need to deal with the problem effectively. And your insurance company will demand that a professional with the expertise and experience do work to maintain policy coverage.

Improperly Installed Skylights

Skylights, if not correctly installed, are a leak hazard looking for a place to happen. It isn’t the skylight per se that is the problem most times; it is the components that make up the problems. Many of the leaks come from the installer not following the manufacturer’s guidelines for the skylight installation is where the trouble begins. To mitigate the problem, a roofing contractor will need to peel back cladding – the aluminum veneer that covers the glass – and add an ice and water underlay for protection. When the flashing is reattached – a watertight seal is created – and that stops future leaks from causing problems. If multiple skylights are installed on your roof, it makes sense to reflash all of them. If one set of flashing is failing, the chances are that all need attention.

At Integrity Roofers, We Can Solve Your Problems.

How to Repair Roof Leaks Based on the Causes It doesn’t matter if you need a commercial or residential roof leak repair in an emergency or general maintenance. Know that at Integrity Roofers, we are there for you. We provide the best roof repairs in the Greater Toronto Area, and our commitment to your satisfaction is paramount in everything we do. When we assess your problems, we will provide documentary evidence to demonstrate the problem and our solutions to solve the problem. Once the work is complete, we will add a warranty for the product and workmanship to show we stand behind our work 100 percent. To discuss your roofing problems, call Integrity Roofers at 647.953.9365 today to speak to a roofing expert.

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