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3 Key Reasons Why Your Flat Roof May Have a Leakage Problem

3 Key Reasons Why Your Flat Roof May Have a Leakage Problem

September 17, 2019

The most common commercial flat roof repair is a roof leak repair, and the repairs occur for many reasons. Wear and tear come to mind as a key driver of problems that relate to a commercial flat roof repair in Toronto. It demands commercial flat roofing repair services to eviscerate the problem. A flat roof is simple in design and easy to construct, but the devil is in the details. That means regular maintenance and inspections for your roof. Let’s face it, could you effectively operate your business if you have water pouring in from a leak? No, you can’t. It creates safety problems, and a host of other difficulties when you are trying to work around a faulty roof. A roof is a series of systems that work in concert to protect your building, its contents, and the people who use. If you don’t have any expertise or understand how a roofing system works, call a professional to take the reins when your roof is leaking water in your building.

Reasons for leaks

  • The way a flat roof moves water from the top to the ground is though drainage portals strategically located across the entire roof span. The drainage portals transport the water to the downspouts for release at ground level, when they are working as they should. If the portals become blocked with debris or dirt, drainage will be slowed or worse, stopped altogether. If you have damage to the membrane of the roof or the tar and gravel system, water will find its way into any crack or seam that is exposed. By the time you find out it will be too late. Another problem that poor drainage causes are ponding. That is when water can’t drain from the roof and has nowhere to go. When it dries topside, mold and mildew will appear, and that causes the roofing system to rot slowly due to the bacteria.
  • The weather is as much a threat to the roofing system as water. When we see extremely hot temperatures, a roofing system will expand to host the heat. If the temperature surges are rapid, the durability of the membrane could be compromised. In cold temperatures, the membrane will shrink, and be pulled tight weakening the roofing system as a whole. In either case, the situations outlined will cause cracks where water will make an entrance into the roofing system. Hollowing, loosening, and bending can be detected when you look at your roof – if you see these problems, call a contractor right away.
  • The last issue to deal with on roof is the age. Certainly, a flat roof is built to last for over 30-years if properly maintained and regularly serviced. If it isn’t treated with tender loving care, the durability of the roof can decline rapidly, as age and a lack of maintenance will take its toll. As such, your aged roofing system won’t be able to handle its primary chore, and that is to keep water out of your building. Drips of water lead to a stream of water, and that is when your roof will need to be replaced.

To get out from under a costly roof replacement, you need the services of the top-quality contractor to come in and diagnose the problem, then provide an effective solution. At Integrity Roofers, know that you have connected with the best roofing company in the Greater Toronto Area to repair your leaky roof. We have the expertise and experience to solve your problems the first time, and we have many successes behind us to prove it. For a professional consultation for your leaky roof problems, call our office today, at Integrity Roofers at 416-736-7373.

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