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How to Deal with Roof Leaks Until Professional Repairs Can Be Done

How to Deal with Roof Leaks Until Professional Repairs Can Be Done

June 17, 2018


Measures Homeowners Can Take Until They Can Get a Leaking Roof Repaired

It is likely a given that very few homeowners will have contingency plans for dealing with a leaking roof; even though a leaking roof is one of the foremost reasons why a property owner will look for instant help from a roofing contractor, especially as a roof ages, any such water penetration into a home is usually unexpected, not to mention unwelcomed.

While it is possible to pre-empt a leaking roof by conducting thorough roof inspections on a regular basis, a vast majority of these cases remain undetected until it is too late; that is, the homeowner only becomes aware that there is a problem when they find evidence of water penetration or damage after a rainstorm or spring thaw.  By that point, perhaps after uttering a few choice words, their sole option is to look up the emergency contact number of a roofing repair service.

Unfortunately, during these times of the year and/or weather conditions, it is very likely that more than one homeowner in a local area might need similar repair services at the same time, thus qualified roofing contractors may not be available to make service calls for one to two business days.  And to add further frustration to these situations, the rain or thaw could continue during the course of the waiting period.

As a result, homeowners may need to take their own temporarily measures to stem any water damage until their leaking roof emergency can be resolved professionally.  To that end, the skilled roofing contractors at Integrity Roofing offer the following tips to assist homeowners in managing these circumstances until help arrives:

  • One – Address Interior Water Penetration
    • Check ceiling area for spots that are dark or bulging
    • Feel by hand for the spot that is the dampest or softest
    • Make a small hole in the centre; collect water in a bucket
    • Look for pooling water in any ceiling fixtures and remove it
  • Two – Identify the Source of the Roof Leak
    • Start by inspecting the underside of roof deck via the attic
    • Note – the entry point and the ceiling damage may not align
    • If this is the case, trace water pattern from ceiling to the roof
  • Three – Contain or Seal the Leak Temporarily
    • Apply roofing cement or roofing tape to underside of roof deck
    • Or, if weather permits and proper safety measures are in place:
    • Use roofing cement or roofing tape on the top of the deck, or
    • Affix a plastic tarp over the source with staples or roofing nails

Temporarily stopping a leaking roof can help prevent the damage from becoming more extensive as well as protect the interior of the home, its contents, and its occupants.  However, homeowners should not be satisfied that these efforts will be sufficient to allow the luxury of time before the leaking roof is properly repaired; i.e.: once a roof has been weakened, matters will only get worse if homeowners delay in calling a roofing company.

Homeowners faced with a leaking roof need look no further than the roof repair experts from Integrity Roofers in Toronto.  With over 20 years of experience in roof repairs and installations, the team at Integrity Roofers can quickly and capably resolve the issue in the most prompt/instantaneous time frame possible and help restore the reliability of the roof.

Additionally, these services are provided with quality workmanship and materials, and all leaking roof repairs include contractor and manufacturer warranties; find out more about it on our roofing warranties page.

For more information on the comprehensive roof leak repair services offered by Integrity Roofers.

Thorough Roof Inspections Can Help Prevent a Leaking Roof and Costly Damage

How to Deal with Roof Leaks Until Professional Repairs Can Be Done While repairs to a leaking roof are, in essence, reactionary measures, homeowners may be able to avoid the need to seek emergency services/instant help altogether by having thorough roof inspections completed by the qualified crews from Integrity Roofers.

These knowledge professionals have the experience and the skills required to:

  • Identify potential/impending issues
  • Detect the sources of any existing leaks
  • Consult on the suitable corrective actions
  • Implement all appropriate repairs/measures

To obtain additional insight on the roof inspection services available from the experts at Integrity Roofers.

Taking temporary measures to address a leaking roof can provide some relief/protection from water damage, however, more complete and appropriate repairs will be required to restore full integrity to the roof system.  If you suspect or have evidence of leaking roof and want instant help to prevent more extensive and costly damage, call the roof repair specialists at Integrity Roofers today at 416-736-7373 or contact us to schedule an onsite inspection at your earliest convenience.

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