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Expert Tips for Emergency Roof Repair in Toronto

Expert Tips for Emergency Roof Repair in Toronto

March 10, 2023

A commercial emergency roof repair can never come at a good time. Apart from the fact that it throws your commercial structure into disarray, from an operations standpoint, the untimely emergency comes with an unforeseen expense. A commercial roof repair can cost thousands of dollars if the membrane has been breached and water leaks into your company’s inventory. When an emergency roof repair in Toronto is required, getting a roofing company on-site could take time due to the supply of roofing companies and the demand for their services. Generally, a building operator should source services for roof repairs from a company that supplies roof repair near me as a way to get fast, reliable service. When a commercial roof is installed, it has a lifespan of 10–40 years, depending on materials, the quality of installation and the climate the roof is subjected to. An emergency repair can be a surprise because we trust our roofing systems to last forever. What do you do if you find yourself in a situation with a leak or catastrophic weather event that demands immediate service? This article will share tips on what to do when you have a commercial roofing problem to help you determine your premise’s best course of action.

What Creates a Damaged Roof?

General wear and tear cause damage as the quality of the roof erodes over time, or a weather event like a tornado can be the catalyst for damage to your commercial roof. Other circumstances can lead to roof damage:

  • Heavy winds
  • Torn tree limbs
  • Fire
  • Lighting strikes
  • Severe storms
  • Heavy snow

Another cause of roof damage is the local animal population. Squirrels and raccoons are the bane of a commercial roof because they will gnaw and chew on the roof, trying to force entry into your establishment.

What You Should Do If You Need a Roof Leak Repair

When you see water on the floor or water stains on the ceiling or walls, you should realize that the damage is done. A way to mitigate the problem is by patching the area that has been breached, which is a good temporary solution. In the main, you need a qualified roofing company with a background in commercial roof repairs to investigate the damage and create effective, long-term solutions for the problem at hand. The severity of damage may not be visible upon inspection; hence you need a professional that knows what to look for and where to look for it to get the problem under control once and for all.

Tips for Emergency Roof Repair in Toronto

Avoid Repair in Bad Weather

Testing Mother Nature is never a good idea. If you get up on the roof during gale force winds, you could easily be blown off the roof like a kite. If it is storming rain, lightning is a real threat, and the survival rate from a lightning strike is very poor. It is best to drop a bucket or two below the water leaks and wait out the weather; your health and safety depend on it.

Ensure to Inspect the Roof

Most roof leaks are not where the water drips through – the leaking area is usually the weakest point of the ceiling where the water is coming in. Water will enter your roofing system and move through it until it finds a weak point, and gravity will do the rest. If you can’t find the leak, use a hose to spray down the roof, and anywhere the water isn’t pooling could be the source of your leak problem.

Your Roof Isn’t the Only Thing You Should Be Aware of

Your roof may not be the source of your water leak. Chimneys have been known to be the source of problems too. One thing to monitor is water stains on the walls; if you see them, it could indicate that siding or brickwork has been compromised, causing water leaks into the interior of your structure.

Call the Professionals

Emergencies often call for temporary solutions until a permanent solution can be administered. Once you have your emergency leak under control and have stabilized the situation – temporarily – you can call a roofing company to come in and complete the job. If you aren’t a roofing professional, don’t pretend to be. Roofing specialists have years of experience and expertise, and they will spot problems the DIYer won’t, so leave it to the professionals.

Minimize the Damage

First things first, grab a bucket or pail to place under the leak that you have discovered. The next thing to do is inspect the ceiling – if it is drywall or ceiling panels – that are sagging; use a pencil or any other instrument to make a small hole to drain the accumulation of water into a bucket or pail. It means finding the leak and stemming the water pouring in. You may not be able to accomplish this yourself and will need to rely on the services of a roofing company to seal the leak, at least temporarily.

Call Your Insurance Provider

Reach out to your insurance company the minute your emergency repairs are complete. You can access the warranty for the roof, or your insurance company may cover the damage. The insurance company will send an adjuster to inspect the situation and estimate the coverage you are entitled to. If you disagree with the adjuster’s estimate, you can seek relief through a second or third opinion, should you choose.

How to Reduce the Need for Emergency Roof Repair

Get Roof Inspections Twice a Year

A commercial roof inspection will identify current and future problems that you have on the roof. You can engage in an orderly maintenance plan to prevent emergency service, saving you thousands of dollars for a small upfront investment in your roofing system.

Get Leaks Repaired Immediately

Water leaks only get worse over time. The water causes damage to machinery and electrical systems and the structural integrity of the building. If left unchecked, a roof collapse could result from roof leak neglect.

Maintain the Cleanliness of Your Roofing

Keep the debris off the roof – branches and other items can puncture a commercial roof bladder – also, algae and mould growth can be a hazard to your roof’s health. Regular cleaning of your roof keeps problems to a minimum.

Check the Roof After a Bad Storm

Storms cause damage, and that is a fact number. Fact two is that inspecting the roof after a severe weather event is unavoidable. Rain, snow and hail can wreak havoc on a roofing system and in the GTA, we receive liberal doses of all three, so maintain vigilance and check your roof.

Ensure the Proper Functioning of Your Roof Equipment

Look at your HVAC system, flashing, electrical conduits and assorted other equipment stationed on your roof to ensure it is properly installed and poses no leak risk or hazard. Your vents are an extremely thorny problem as they can become dislodged or have a caulking failure without notice.

At Integrity Roofers, We Are Emergency Roof Repair Experts in Toronto

Expert Tips for Emergency Roof Repair in Toronto When you enlist the services of our company, Integrity Roofers, know that over a generation, service has been our calling card. We have a great deal of expertise developed over the two decades we have served the Greater Toronto Area in the residential and commercial roofing sectors. Our workmanship is guaranteed, and our name is our brand, so contact us when your roofing problems come to the fore, and we will create permanent solutions that are right the first time.

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