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5 Reasons Why Roof Shingles Come Off the Roof

5 Reasons Why Roof Shingles Come Off the Roof

July 17, 2018

When roof shingles get blown off during storms or strong winds, homeowners typically call for professional roofers to repair them. This may solve the problem temporarily, but there is a chance of the same thing being repeated in the future if the issue extends beyond a few loose shingles to the entire roof. To uncover the reason behind your missing shingles, you would be advised to call a qualified roof inspector. However, these are the most likely causes for losing shingles:

  • Quality of Shingles
    It is essential to assess your shingles and ensure that they are high quality. The resistance of roof shingles to the wind and harsh weather is directly proportional to their grade and standard, which is why you must analyze them before installation and upgrade them if necessary to prolong their lifespan.
  • Age of Shingles
    You must remember that as shingles age, they lose their effectiveness. You can expect shingles to last for around 10 to 15 years on an average which could, of course, vary based on factors such as exposure to sun and wind. Additionally, you must check your roof for tell-tale signs of wear and tear to take any corrective actions if and when required.
  • Shingles Nailed Too High
    Incorrect installation is often the primary reason roof shingles get blown away. The shingle manufacturer provides specific areas where the installer is required to fasten the nails, and If they are not careful while doing their work, you may end up having roof shingles that are nailed too high and face the risk of them not being caught adequately by the nails, making them less wind-resistant.
  • Improper Driving of Roof Nails
    Roof shingles must be fastened and sealed properly with nails. In case of both over and under driving of the roof nails, you face the risk of the shingle being blown away. It is essential to ensure that they are correctly fastened, and the nails have penetrated well enough to hold the shingles against strong winds.
  • Lack of Care & Maintenance
    It is vital to follow a proper routine of roof inspections. Just as you take care of the interior of your home, the exterior needs maintenance too. Be sure to contact a professional roofer for a complete roof inspection.

Measures to Deal with Shingle Issues

Roof Inspection

A roof inspection is one of the most important steps you can take to maintain the health and lifespan of your roof and shingles. It is recommended to have yours inspected routinely, roughly twice a year, to make sure everything is correctly affixed and give you a better idea of the condition of the roof. This allows you to notice any issues quickly and take action.

Section Repair

A less expensive approach to dealing with shingle problems is to repair the particular sections of the roof and remove the damaged ones. Although it may cost you less, the result may not be visually appealing because of the color variations in the old and new repaired sections.

Roof Replacement

Replacing the entire roofing system is often the preferred route when a significant portion is affected and making repairs is not an ideal solution. Although the replacement may cost substantially more, it ensures proper installation of the roof shingles and will result in a visually similar final product.

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