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20 Signs of an Unprofessional Commercial Roof Contractor

20 Signs of an Unprofessional Commercial Roof Contractor

October 5, 2022

When we think of a commercial roofing company, there are the good, the baked and the ugly. I believe a roofing contractor with licenses, insurance, skill, and integrity makes up about 20 percent of the marketplace. A roofing contractor Toronto genuinely cares about their work and how the work impacts the people they serve. A flat roof contractor that holds these beliefs is the one you want to hire. Eighty percent of contractors can be lumped into two different categories. The first is the 10 percent who are outright con artists – they tell you that permits aren’t required, and their rock bottom price indicates they don’t have insurance or pay for municipal licenses. The other 70 percent of the industry are just bad contractors – they use laundry baskets for garbage cans and don’t try to learn to improve their skills.

Making the wrong decision can cost time and money and create hazardous conditions. You can’t always trust someone’s good word, so you must be aware of the signs of a wrong contractor before getting stuck with the bill from a bad contractor.

20 Signs of a Wrong Commercial Roof Contractor

They Don’t Have Good Reviews

If they don’t have good reviews or customer feedback to help vet a contractor, find a public space to help you. Angie’s List, Yelp, HomeAdvisor, Porch, ThumbTack, Google, and Facebook reviews can help your contractor investigation.

They Overcommit to Work

When you hire a contractor, you might believe you are hiring their A-team. That isn’t necessarily the case. Contractors tend to overcommit to the work they book and often hire subcontractors to complete the work they have been hired to do. That fact leads to sloppy workmanship and rushed work that isn’t industry standard, leaving a homeowner/business owner with less than stellar results.

They Lack the Necessary Experience

Experience is the great equalizer when it comes to a contractor’s chops for the work. A contractor must have sufficient relevant experience for the job you are hiring for; otherwise, it is money down the drain. If the contractor is new to the business or doesn’t hold enough experience – think five years here – you might want to move in a different direction.

They Start Working, Disappear, Then Start Again

The contractor works at fits and starts, just doing enough to make it look like something is happening, but not much is happening. The contractor always has a reason to leave the job site – they need materials or an extra body – then roll up on another job before finishing your work. Weeks go by before you can get the contractor back, and the damage to your roofing system worsens.

Their Rates are Significantly Lower Than Others

Some contractors are one-man bands that don’t spend money on marketing. That can reduce costs, but something is amiss if the price seems too low. That should tell you they don’t pay for insurance, Worker’s Comp or licenses to work in the cities they serve. Once problems arise on site, they are gone without a trace, and you are left holding the bag. Better to spend your money on a qualified contractor – who will be a little more – than go with rock bottom pricing that won’t serve your interests.

They Cannot Provide Current References & Project Samples.

Red flags come from a lack of references, projects a contractor has completed, or other trades they have worked with. To get the best results, you must vet the contractor to whom you give thousands of dollars as a means of financial self-protection.

They Have Poor Interpersonal and Social Skills

When you hire a contractor, you will spend excessive time interacting with them. They might be challenging to work with if they can’t communicate or have poor social skills. This can be a challenge for you to work with a socially awkward contractor.

The Project Price Keeps Increasing

There are times when cost overruns are legitimate; a reputable contractor will tell a customer upfront before they commence the work. When costs climb, a contractor will get a customer’s signature to validate a cost increase for future work to be tendered. If the price increases are over the top, speak with a building inspector or get a second opinion from another roofing contractor.

They Constantly Make Excuses

Issues always arise during renovation/restoration projects. A top-notch contractor will anticipate them and work to smooth them out when on the job. If the contractor isn’t good with the details but is good at making excuses, this is another tell you have hired a bad contractor.

They Avoid Your Questions

Questions are part of the hiring process; it helps a homeowner gauge the contractor’s knowledge, problem-solving ability, and professionalism. If the alleged contractor you are speaking to beats around the bush, misdirects his answers or doesn’t answer the questions, you might want to look in another direction.

They Are Reluctant to Show Their License & Insurance

Before you give a contractor a deposit for work, check their license number and insurance policy for verification. If the contractor is reluctant when asked to verify credentials, RUN. It may be ok to hire a handyman for a small project – it certainly isn’t when you trust your roof to someone.

They are Difficult to Reach

Contractors answer their phones, are prompt at returning calls and show up for meetings on time. If they don’t, you have no guarantee they will treat the job with respect it demands. When you hire a contractor, you must establish guidelines to keep the lines of communication open.

They Show a Lack of Enthusiasm

For big or small projects, the contractor should be enthusiastic about their work for customers. If the potential contractor shows up unprepared or disinterested, you could be wasting your time.

They Miss Deadlines

If your contractor can’t meet a deadline or it seems the work is moving slowly, it is a sign that the contractor lacks the skills to run your project efficiently. In the business world, time is money, and if your project moves at a snail’s pace, it will come with a higher price.

They Only Want to Communicate via Phone Calls

Contractors will generally meet with a customer, no matter how big or small the job is. If the contractor only wants phone contact, it says they won’t be there if something big goes wrong. Certainly, the phone is a marvellous device, but there is no substitute for in-person contact when trust is the most significant factor.

They Try to Rush the Job

Sure, we all want projects finished ahead of schedule. But you know, haste makes waste, and a contractor in a hurry means they are skipping steps that are vital to a successful project. You can’t have a contractor running through your roofing job because too many things can go wrong.

They Leave a Messy Job Site

On any home improvement project, Safety is Job One. Suppose the contractor isn’t policing up the inevitable mess made when the work has commenced. Every worker has the right to get home every night, and when the debris isn’t cleared from high-traffic areas, it can be downright dangerous.

The Contract They Provide is Vague

The Devil is always in the details. When you hire a roofing contractor, every detail should be encapsulated, no matter how small. A roofing contract should never be short and sweet; it defines the rights and responsibilities of both parties and is a homeowner’s only protection against an unscrupulous contractor.

They Won’t Provide an Itemized List

The scope of work must be clearly defined. You can’t rely on the contractor to deal with all the contingencies that come with the scope of the work. If you have an experienced, reputable roofer to deal with, they will tell you upfront where the costs will come from and explain them line by line.

They Use High-Pressure Sales Tactics

If the contractor you are interviewing is using pressure tactics to get your work, they aren’t the contractor for you. Many knowledgeable contractors can complete your project without twisting your arm to sign a deal.

What If You’ve Hired a Wrong Commercial Roof Contractor

Check Your Records

The information you have in writing is crucial for any operating agreement. The basics are a contract, business license, insurance, receipts and warranty information. The information defines the rights and responsibilities of both parties. In the information sphere, more is always better and demonstrates where the contractor may have fallen short in servicing the contract. If the agreement is a standard contract, look for indemnification clauses in the fine print. If you have no written record, the only avenue available is public social media websites – nobody likes lousy PR.

Know Your Rights

As we have mentioned, the contract between you and your contractor is the operating agreement for the contractor’s services and work to be completed. If you think the contract has not been fulfilled, you have options. Arbitration can be a helpful tool; you can hire a lawyer or go to court if you can’t find satisfaction any other way.

Request Arbitration

Arbitration is the easiest and least expensive of the options available. You and the contractor present each side of the story to an independent third party who is empowered to create some type of resolution.

Go to Small Claims Court

Should you choose this route, you can be represented by a lawyer/paralegal or choose self-representation. Awards in Ontario are capped at $25,000, with fees for processing your claim. The process for adjudication is before a judge who will render a decision.

Hire a Lawyer

Using a construction lawyer can cost hundreds of dollars per hour, but you will be well represented. If a contractor has wronged you, you can get invaluable insight and a roadmap for success.

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20 Signs of an Unprofessional Commercial Roof Contractor
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