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10 Things to Consider About Flat Roofing

10 Things to Consider About Flat Roofing

October 5, 2021

Any roofing company in Toronto can deliver a flat roof – and they’re growing in popularity with every passing season. When you think about a flat roof installed by a flat roofing company in Toronto, you will notice that they are more stylish than previous iterations of a flat roofing system. The technological advances in flat roofing make them impervious to leaks. Durability is the watchword for flat roofing systems, and they are a solid alternative to a sloped roofing system. Consequently, when there is a need for a flat roof repair at your home or commercial building, the maintenance cost is relatively less expensive than a sloped roof repair. At Integrity Roofers, we would like you to review your roofing options, and we have a list of 10 factors that will sway your decision to install a flat roof at your premises.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Flat Roofs

Flat Roofs Aren’t Completely Flat!

When we talk about flat roofs, we must tell you that flat roofs aren’t flat they contain a slope to help water drain. The roof – if engineered correctly – will be slightly sloped. Water pooling is a problem for any roofing system, and using a slight pitch to help mitigate the problem is an important aspect of a flat roof and how it handles water drainage. When you look at a flat roof, you won’t notice the slight pitch to the roof itself, but you will see the results after a heavy rainstorm or the winter snowmelt.

Flat Roofs Make Ideal Roof Gardens

When you think of the functionality that a flat roof provides, do you think of an upper roof garden at your home or business? You should, because a flat roof opens up a myriad of ideas for the enterprising homeowner from a design concept. Many multiple occupancy dwellings – think apartment buildings and condos here – have installed all sorts of activity-related spaces on the roof. Lush gardens that are an oasis in an urban setting are just the beginning, workout spaces and pools have been installed on the roof on many buildings and the use space is governed by the imagination of the user. The garden concept is ‘greening’ of any home or business and serves as a rich, fertile space growing flowers or vegetables that provide a healthy lifestyle for residents of the residential space.

Flat Roofs Are Cool Roofs

Certainly, a flat roof is hip and trendy, but they serve a utilitarian purpose that helps prevent climate change. Covering a flat roof in a UV reflective coating helps keep the temperature of the roof down. What that means for a building owner is that the air conditioning system will run less frequently during times of intense heat. This provides two-fold savings. You use less energy – saving money – and you are establishing your green credentials in the battle to save the planet.

Flat Roofs Must Be Installed and Repaired by Professionals

When you are shopping around for a roofing contractor to install a flat roofing system, don’t make this common mistake. Make sure you thoroughly vet the contractor you hire to determine what his level of expertise is when they install a flat roof. Many times a roofing contractor will tell you that they have the ability and skill set to install a flat roof, but in reality, they do not and that causes problems down the line. Incorrect installation will void product warranties – that is a huge headache when problems arise from shoddy workmanship. Working with an experienced contractor that holds a reservoir of experience in flat roofing is the only way to go. It might cost a few dollars more, but the security and peace of mind that a proven professional will deliver is worth its weight in gold. You should get at least 20 years of service out of a properly installed flat roof and getting your money’s worth on an expenditure of magnitude of a new roof is extremely important. You don’t want to replace your roof every five years, do you?

Bird Droppings Cause Damage

The acidic content of bird droppings can be the death knell for any roofing system. Putting aside the discolouration problem that bird droppings create, the acid in the droppings will eat away at the cover of the flat roof and cause leaks that will fester until they are full-blown problems that require expensive repairs. When installing a flat roof, you want to design the system to be unattractive to birds, and the problems with the acidic content of the droppings will disappear.

Flat Roofs Are Energy Efficient

Energy costs are going through the roof to reduce consumption, so we all look for ways to save money on energy costs. A flat roofing system affords a reduction in costs because they are reflective in nature, and the UV rays are bounced back from the roof structure leaving the building underneath the roof a cooler place to dwell in or use for commercial purposes. Another feature of a flat roof is that you can install insulation to help with heat loss in the winter and keeping cool air in during the summer months. A small investment in insulation will pay dividends for years to come reducing bottom-line expenses in the process.

Flat Roofs Can Be Insulated

For many years, people held the belief that flat roofs couldn’t be insulated. Nobody knows how this urban legend started, but it’s a myth that has been dispelled using technology. Certainly, a flat roof requires different installation techniques, and hiring the right contractor with the expertise for the work is the only way to go. When looking for the right contractor, look for one that can offer many different options to solve your insulation problems – it demonstrates a contractor’s skillset and knowledge of flat roofing systems. Once installed, insulation creates the energy efficiency that building owners demand when making an investment in their primary source of building protection – the roof.

Flat Roofs Are Popular on Commercial Buildings

When examining the benefits of a flat roof, money is a key factor that often tips the scales when it comes to deciding. Energy efficiency, and the costs to install and maintain a flat roof hold a great deal of sway with many commercial building owners and operators. A flat roof offers space to use for an HVAC system, it can be tucked away on the roof and there is ample space to access the system when maintenance is required.

Proper Care Can Help Your Flat Roof Last Over Twenty Years

In the past, flat roofs have gotten a bad rap for their lack of longevity – but that is fiction. A flat roof can be your best friend and provide excellent service for at least two decades or longer if properly maintained. Employing a roofing contractor for regular inspections – think twice a year, once in the spring and once in autumn – will help keep your roofing system up to the rigours of the weather and climate. Any inspection will tell you where your problems are and how they can be overcome with a simple repair, saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the process. Like grandma said, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

The Flat Roof May Cost Less Than You Expected

10 Things to Consider About Flat Roofing The cost of a flat roof has been equated to buying a high-end sports car, but that is another myth that has been debunked over time. There are many factors that drive the cost of a roofing system. Degree of difficulty of the job is where labour costs are factored in. The complexity of a roofing system also contributes to the cost of any roofing system, then, materials and the location of the building are additional considerations that need attention. With the development of techniques that are unique to flat roofing systems and state-of-the-art materials make for a roof that is competitive in any scenario where a roof replacement is required.

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At Integrity Roofers, we are your flat roof experts, and we will, in no uncertain terms, dispel all the myths and misconceptions about flat roofs when you contact us for a new flat roof in the Greater Toronto Area. It doesn’t matter if your building is for commercial use or residential, we bring all the necessary tools to the table to execute your flat roof replacement with precision and integrity. Our company is the premier flat roofing company in the GTA, and we would be happy to share our expertise and knowledge that we have developed over two decades of roofing experience. Whatever your question, we have the right answer when you seek roofing advice from Integrity Roofers. Our work is industry standard, and we can work in all aspects of roofing repairs, replacement, and roofing maintenance when your flat roof needs attention. Efficiency and affordability are what we provide at Integrity Roofers, and it is driven by qualified roofing professionals that can meet tight deadlines for the work we do. In the roofing business, the devil is in the details that we pay close attention to them for your protection. Safety is our business and when you need emergency service, you can count on us to be there when you need us the most. To obtain a professional estimate, please access our website for more information. If you need the personal touch, we have roofing experts available to discuss your situation when you call our office today at Integrity Roofers at 647.953.9365.

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